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2 stars3 weeks ago

I have been seeing my dentist throughout the pandemic. Had a crown fitted. All this work is very close contact…in my mouth. If dentists can see patients. Why can’t GPs?

I need to be regularly monitored. It is just not happening. All the telephone discussions I have had, photos sent, have resulted in my concerns not being sorted. After years of having to steel myself when having to call the dreaded receptionist. Never followed up. I am totally dissatisfied with the treatment provided. Fortunately for me I have access to hospital consultants who are brilliant. Knowledgeable and caring. And in 25 years not one GP at Haddenham has asked me how I was feeling. Thank goodness… the first question always asked by the hospital consultants. Says it all really.

Healthwatch Bucks responded:

Each General Practice has targets in their contract to perform a certain number of regular health checks/monitoring appointments or face a financial penalty. Some of these checks have been suspended or paused during the pandemic, along with the penalties. In some circumstances this is still the case ( There is now a backlog of suspended health checks/monitoring appointments that must be worked through.

Review 2 of 5

5 stars2 years ago

Despite the pressure of COVID-19 the medical centre still functions efficiently. My telephone consultation worked brilliantly, prescription picked up 2 hours later and already feeling so much better. Thanks to all the hard pressed team – you’re all doing a fantastic job.

Review 3 of 5

3 stars2 years ago

Twice now I have been promised a call back and nothing. Yesterday I got stung by a wasp and thought nothing of it however today my arm is very swollen and red and hot to touch so I called to be told someone would call back, I waited an hour and nothing so I called back and the surgery was closed. Really not acceptable

Review 4 of 5

5 stars4 years ago

I Have been a patient for nearly 19 years at this practice. The doctors,receptionists, nurses, healthcare assistants and other staff such as the cleaners etc, all work together as a TEAM. This enables the PRACTICE to deliver the HIGHEST level of superb care. They are all committed to delivering top quality and excellent care. They also have proved to be extremely keen to listen to their patients, in order to improve and adjust patient care in any way at all, that makes the GP and patient experience a rewarding,pleasant and worthwhil one. I have never even had an appointment refused, even when they are fully booked up for the day. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the whole team.

Review 5 of 5

4 stars5 years ago

They are good at listening. However it is not easy to get an appointment.

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