Street address Chess Medical Centre
260-290 Berkhampstead Road

01494 782 884

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1 star8 months ago

My sister Called up GP surgery to make appointment for my newborn baby, phone answered by practice manager. My sister asked which GP would call us? The line manager became very rude and replied with an attitude what does it matter which GP is on? So rude!

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5 stars3 years ago

I have been registered at Gladstone surgery for 21 years since moving to Chesham. It is a well run and friendly practice and I, along with my children, have always received first class care from them. They are always supportive and will refer you to other departments or agencies without hesitation. My daughter received the best treatment for her hip difficulties as a child and I believe this was down to Dr Boast’s thoroughness and determination. Best surgery for miles!

Review 3 of 4

5 stars4 years ago

I have been a patient at this practice since 1990 and would recommend it to anyone moving to Chesham. It is a small practice, and I am known personally by all the doctors, nurses and staff. I have been the main carer for my Father in a long final illness and was particularly impressed with the dignity and respect, as well as the care and support, which we received as a family.

Review 4 of 4

5 stars4 years ago

I have been registered here for over 10 years and have always received excellent support from the doctors and nursing staff. I have a long term health condition and have regular check ups – we discuss my condition and I am always given sufficient information and enabled to make my own choices about managing my health. In recent years I have registered as a carer for my parents who are both also at the practice. They support they have received has been exceptional, and the practice staff all understand my role and are very helpful in helping me to manage the situation and support my parents.

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