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4 months ago

I have been being supported by my GP practice with my mental health. I received a telephone call from a receptionist telling me I had to book an appointment to see my GP, although she said she could not disclose what for. It would have been more personable if the GP had called to speak to me if they were concerned for any reason. I was not happy at the way I was treated, it is the patients choice if they choose to see a GP or not.

7 months ago

Rang to book an appointment to see a GP. Arranged an appointment for 2 days later. My appointment was on time. The GP took the time to listen, make a clear plan and follow up. The receptionists were polite and friendly, and wrote down my appointment on a reminder card. They also send text and email reminders for appointments which is very helpful.

3 years ago

Rang to book an appointment with my midwife 2 weeks in advance. No slots left on the day she requested that I see her. Receptionist offered the 1 space she had left the following week. I then rang Wycombe Birth Centre afterwards, who were able to offer me an appointment on the day I needed it with a midwife there. I would suggest GP staff remember to refer women on to the antenatal teams at the hospitals, rather than have them waiting for much needed and important appointments. Alternatively, if GP surgery staff are aware the midwives get booked up very quickly then the midwife and staff need to advise patients of this.

3 years ago

The receptionist is very rude . I never seen that she is smiling at any patients. Doctor is not ready to listen what we are talking. He quickly get into a conclusion without asking enough questions

3 years ago

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3 years ago

Decent medical service provided however they drastically need to improve access to appointments.

3 years ago

Getting through to a receptionist via the phone is very difficult- they need more people on the desk.

3 years ago

The service is generally good.

3 years ago

The practice is not big enough to support the amount of patients. The GP’s are very good.

3 years ago

Poor appointment system. The GP changes ever time and I find the lack of consistency troublesome.

3 years ago

Referral to ophthalmologist department at Wycombe and Amersham hospitals via the GP was quick and easy. GP was very understanding of the concern and knew exactly what service we needed to be referred to. It was easy to get an appointment, the receptionist was very helpful and friendly.

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