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Review 1 of 11

5 stars8 months ago

I had an appointment this week and the way everything was handled was excellent. They were practising social distancing properly and everything ran smoothly. I did not have to wait for a long time. Great work.

Review 2 of 11

4 stars1 year ago

Had a helpful appointment with the GP who listened carefully to what I had to say and recommended a positive way forwards.

Review 3 of 11

4 stars3 years ago

An appointment with a GP that I had not met before he was very welcoming and suggested a number of diagnoses and arranged for a number of tests (although none of the diagnoses suggested were actually what it turned out to be).

Review 4 of 11

3 stars3 years ago

It is very difficult to get appointments as the phone lines are constantly busy at 8.00am and often by the time I get through, often 15 minutes later, all the appointments are filled. My husband who works in London cannot afford to wait on the phone as he risks missing his train to London – and still not getting an appointment. More receptionists, more phone lines and more doctors would be appreciated.

Review 5 of 11

4 stars3 years ago

Needed follow-up appointments for re-dressing a wound after an accident originally patched up at Stoke Mandeville. Very good service every time, easy to make appointments. Good advice and additional dressings provided as I was going for a 5-week holiday only 10 days after the accident, can’t fault the service I received.

Review 6 of 11

4 stars4 years ago

Booked a double apt to see Dr about a number of issues. She was very professional – but even with a double appointment things were rushed. Generally good and they are very good at ringing you back.

Review 7 of 11

4 stars4 years ago

Nurse carrying out Asthma Review very thorough and helpful.

Review 8 of 11

4 stars4 years ago

The length of time allocated for appointments is not enough. I was given less than 10 minutes with a replacement doctor.

Review 9 of 11

5 stars4 years ago

It is easy to get an appointment although you do need to be flexible. The practice seems very efficient.

Review 10 of 11

4 stars4 years ago

Generally pleased with the service.

Review 11 of 11

3 stars4 years ago

Went to discuss my son’s hearing and eyesight to be ruled out for learning difficulties. GP clearly hurried – and not sensitive to the fact that there might be elements of this that I did not want discussed in front of my son. She did however arrange for the relevant hearing test to be done.

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