Street address Hanover House
Coronation Road, Cressex Business Park
High Wycombe
HP12 3PP

01494 415 788

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Review 1 of 12

3 stars6 months ago

Trying to book appointments or a telephone consultation, being told to phone on Monday morning , why can I not book an telephone consultation for next week or a appointment. As a Nurse working 12 hour shift when am I supposed to get time to phone and get the time to book appointment when you try ringing on your day off by the time you get through APPOINTMENTS
are gone.why can you not book an appointment in advance. Very stupid system, this is why so many people are undiagnosed with serious illness, cause when they start having symptoms they are unable to see their GP until it is too late!!

Review 2 of 12

2 stars6 months ago

Finding that secretaries not under standing a situation

Review 3 of 12

5 stars11 months ago

Our family registered with the Cressex Health Centre about one month ago. Since day one we have received excellent patient care and service from the Doctors, Medical Team and the Reception Staff, who have been very helpful and supportive and understanding of our medical needs. I highly recommend this GP Practice.

Review 4 of 12

5 stars1 year ago

Telephone calling for an appointment needs to be speeded up establishing another telephone line👍

Review 5 of 12

2 stars2 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 6 of 12

3 stars2 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 7 of 12

1 star3 years ago

Waited for a good 15 minutes before the call was answered. Less than 10 seconds the phone was put down on me, as I was trying to say what I am ringing in for. This is not the first time phone was being put down.

Review 8 of 12

2 stars5 years ago

I had an appointment with a doctor talk about by depression as soon as I got in there she was said – ‘whats wrong with you now’ I made her look at something else .She made me feel so small now that when I need to go to the GP I get anxiety and don’t want to go.I recently tried to call the lady said survey was closed and doctors are only doing call backs by 1pm. She said he would definitely call. No call – not even a voicemail. They make me feel deflated when i need them most.

Review 9 of 12

2 stars5 years ago

You used to be able to get appointments without being held in a queue on the phone for over 20 mins. You are registered at cressex but most is the time you have to go to lynton house which I do not want to. There should be enough staff at both surgeries so you go to your preferred location. The nurses are ok but reception is a nightmare.

Review 10 of 12

2 stars6 years ago

Staff and doctor were very rude to a patient that went in before me. He went to enter the room after the tannoy called out his name (and it came up on screen and the receptionist said the doctor is calling you) and it told him to go to room 3 and see doctor. When he went to open the door the doctor shouted at him in front of the whole waiting room, telling him not to enter and to wait until she came and called him. It was very unprofessional and rude especially since he just had to wait over an hour for his Appointment. I am still waiting for my appointment which will probably be another hours wait and its with the same doctor so im a bit put-off seeing her now.

Review 11 of 12

2 stars6 years ago

The past several times i have needed to book an appointment it has taken me several tries of sitting on the phone for nearly and hour to get through to anyone. The last time I just gave up after 45mins on the phone and had to walk up the surgery (20 minute walk) with a severe chest infection. Last time I was in the surgery I sat around for an hour and half before I was seen. Always a different doctor, some good, some rush you in and out fast as possible and seem like they aren’t bothered.

Review 12 of 12

1 star6 years ago

Can never get an appointment. Had telephone consultation with doctor who told me I was borderline to an illness that I had been on medication for for two years. Shocking service.

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