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Review 1 of 16

2 stars2 weeks ago

Been trying to contact surgery as requested to book my flu jab. Was number 9 in queue and then got cut off. This has happened numerous times. I then tried to book an appointment on line and it is proving impossible I understand things are difficult but the situation really should be improving. I also wanted to know if I could have my flu jab at the same time as my Covid booster as that would be more convenient and avoid two visits. I also have not received a response to my previous email enquiry.

Review 2 of 16

3 stars1 month ago

Tried for an appointment at 2 minutes past 2.00 the designated time.
As usual nothing available ring tomorrow! This surgery is a lottery maybe one day I will win and see a doctor! absolutely useless!!!!, Hope I don’t have a heart attack in the meantime!

Review 3 of 16

1 star1 year ago

Pre-arranged telephone appointments booked on 3 consecutive days have not been received. Receptionist totally not bothered and her only concern was it wasn’t her who made the bookings. She didn’t want to investigate after she confirmed that there were no bookings on her records for us? She only wanted me off the phone stating she had other calls waiting and I would get a return call sometime today! (none current received) . Wouldn’t recommend this practice.

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Review 4 of 16

2 stars2 years ago

Very difficult to get appointment, virtually impossible by phone. I now drive to the surgery at 8am to get seen. Last two times I have only seen the practice nurse not the doctor. First nurse was super, 2nd was awful. Trying to get test results or change prescriptions is a nightmare. I should be having regular check ups, but keep having to chase them to arrange to be seen. There is no continuity and one or two of the doctors have been very rude, I have been with this surgery for 60 years in its various guises, and am sad it has gone downhill so badly.

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Review 5 of 16

1 star4 years ago

Thank god they have been under special measures. Needs it!

Review 6 of 16

No rating — 5 years ago

No appointments at all ever according to receptionists until u speak to practice manager its very slow although the surgery is always empty staff always have time to stand around laughing and joking

Review 7 of 16

3 stars5 years ago

Appointments are always running late, but understand this is the norm. However, 4 days to get a prescription is not acceptable.

Review 8 of 16

2 stars5 years ago

Difficult to get an appointment, no way to get a follow-up, no communication with NHS hospital departments, no results. Generally awful from beginning to what I now assume is the end. I will be changing surgery.

Review 9 of 16

5 stars5 years ago

Very pleased with the service my family has had from Chiltern House!

Review 10 of 16

4 stars5 years ago

I am disappointed with the appointment system. It is very difficult for someone who works full-time to get an appointment so they need to have more flexible hours.

Review 11 of 16

3 stars5 years ago

Its very difficult to get an appointment.

Review 12 of 16

3 stars5 years ago

I generally have experienced average service.

Review 13 of 16

4 stars5 years ago

The receptionist could be more friendly.

Review 14 of 16

2 stars5 years ago

There are not enough doctors and I have had to travel elsewhere to see a doctor. You can’t book in advance unless it’s an emergency.

Review 15 of 16

3 stars5 years ago

The GP’s are good. They have long waiting hours.

Review 16 of 16

2 stars5 years ago

I have often found the receptionists to be very rude and the overall service is very poor.

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