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Review 1 of 33

2 stars2 weeks ago

They are fast at getting you in for assessment if you’re referred from the GP. The initial assessment was ok? The practitioner wasn’t very open and didn’t fill me with huge confidence, it just seemed like a few tick box questions. I then saw a psychiatrist who point blank didn’t listen to me, spoke over me (so much) and said a few buzzwords for effect. The practitioner was there again and did listen to me at points – he seemed genuinely helpful, but the psychiatrist focussed on so much of my history which has already been dealt with and didn’t listen to my current problems.

I’m struggling to see a way out and have been passed from pillar to post. I thought the appointment would provide me clarity and hope, but instead I left there feeling disappointed, misunderstood, more lost than before, alone and just really sad. I will definitely be going elsewhere.

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Review 3 of 33

1 star2 months ago

They put my life in imminent danger and failed to cooperate with other NHS and Council support services. An utter disgrace that should have been placed in special measures and overseen by professionals a long time ago. See them, not as the solution to but as, the start of your real problems.

Review 4 of 33

1 star3 months ago

Horrible service. I was dismissed by the team several times for not following up with them, they just close your case without contacting you and there is no aftercare of any kind. When you’re suicidal it’s difficult to be the one to constantly have to call them back and beg for appointments.

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Review 5 of 33

1 star6 months ago

Can not believe how awful this service is. Rude, patronising, unhelpful, very poor communication skills. Person we spoke to did not even ask how family member was when they was referred to them urgently in a crisis and has a history of mental health problems and has been in hospital in the past. Cannot believe that this is meant to be NHS care and taxpayers have to fund this service because it is not a service and there is no care. 10 days later still waiting and family member being looked after by us and now we are looking at private care in desperation. When we contacted mental health charity for help they were wonderful and so kind and apologised for our experience with this dreadful service and said they hear this all the time
What could be improved? Everything because it could not be any worse.

Review 6 of 33

1 star6 months ago

I was not listened to, instead the nurse put words into mouth, and made me feel uncomfortable the whole time I was there. It felt like I was being [interrogated] by a police officer and not someone who was meant to be helping me with suicidal thoughts. I left the place feeling like I had no answers to the issues I have been experiencing. Definitely not recommended.

Review 7 of 33

1 star6 months ago

Desperate for some help, ref’d to crisis team and asked to phone AMHT by by GP, who was lovely. Asked for help as have a history of serious mental health issues and starting to feel very unwell again. Spoken to in a rude and condescending manner. No support, not listened to, not even asked how I felt or what had changed. Told I ‘just have to wait’ and they have no idea how long it will take to look at my referral. After phone call was left feeling hopeless and even worse. I am a senior clinician myself and I would be appalled if anyone in my team spoke to a patient in this way. No care at all.

Review 8 of 33

3 stars6 months ago

They throwed in my face that this is not a private service so what do I expect?
I recommend to avoid them.

Review 9 of 33

1 star6 months ago

The nurse we saw was rude, incorporative and not helpful in the slightest. Rolled her eyes during the assessment. Manipulated our words to suit her own assumptions, even words which we had written down. I was not shown compassion or any kindness during the appointment instead I just made to feel uncomfortable and sick. The appointment left me feeling suicidal because of some of the things that this nurse’ has said, I feel lucky to still be here!

Review 10 of 33

1 star7 months ago

As you can see from the other comments on this page, they seem to not want you there. Psychological services aren’t accessible nor contactable, unclear if the service actually exists or not. The public money invested into this service is going down the drain.

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Review 11 of 33

1 star8 months ago

Appalling. Incompetent medical staff, completely miss the point of everything said and unable to even build rapport in conversation. Despite being referred by another mental health team stating I’d need to see a psychologist, I’ve now had 3 separate video calls with clinicians over 3 months to ‘evaluate whether I should be referred to a psychologist’. Incompetence doesn’t even describe it.

Review 12 of 33

1 star10 months ago

Really awful. It used to be good years ago but in the last 2 years the culture has been of intimidation and labelling so they don’t have to provide treatment. Every Neuro diverse person that walks through their door they report having a personality disorder just because they have no ASD and ADHD training. When I payed privately for Neuro psych they told me the Valley C were very wrong had that what I had was easily treatable and within 2 weeks I was better. When the Valley C had miss diagnosed and treated me for years. It’s dangerously poor and lives will be lost very unnecessarily as a result.

Review 13 of 33

4 stars12 months ago

I have had a good experience compared to the many private and other NHS ‘health professionals’ I have seen over the years. Everyone was kind and the psychiatrist was prompt and helpful.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 14 of 33

1 star1 year ago

[Comment withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 15 of 33

1 star1 year ago

Awful awful place. ‘care facility’ dumped in a basic business park. Went there suicidal and for help but the person I saw was very very rude and dismissive. He knew I had a diagnosis and he went on to say that if I really was depressed, I would not even have the energy to self harm or think about death. Seems they make up their own criteria as they go along. Please do not go here if you desperately need help or care. There is no care.

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Review 16 of 33

1 star1 year ago

Was promised a call to discuss medication and help my situation. 2 weeks later and no call or help given. In the same situation as before i saw them. Pointless.

These people certainly are not the ones to go to in a crisis

Review 17 of 33

1 star1 year ago

I felt attacked and ambushed when I was called into a session. Rubbished some of the issues I was having and even got my name wrong! Terrible service what a waste of public funding!!

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Review 18 of 33

3 stars1 year ago

After being referred to the Valley Centre, I was initially relieved but they were actually the straw that broke the camels back for me and ended up worse than where I started. Never known such incompetence. I even had a blatant eye roll from an individual. This place ruined me.

Review 19 of 33

1 star1 year ago

It was terrible, they don’t listen to what you’re saying or just don’t care. I felt like they were just trying to get rid of me.

Review 20 of 33

1 star1 year ago

Very unprofessional behaviour

Review 21 of 33

1 star2 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 22 of 33

2 stars2 years ago

If this is a crisis line god help us. Condescending and next to useless.

Review 23 of 33

1 star2 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 24 of 33

2 stars2 years ago

They don’t seem to listen?

Review 25 of 33

1 star2 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 26 of 33

1 star2 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 27 of 33

1 star2 years ago

Farcical. Inept, disinterested and overstretched.

Review 28 of 33

1 star2 years ago

This place – similar to CAMHS who I was with as a minor – are shockingly useless. I was referred to them after CAMHS and stayed a few months, but the “team of mental health professionals” I was promised turned out to be one woman who wasn’t even a therapist (and did absolutely nothing to help me, just made me uncomfortable) and a couple of appointments with a psychologist about medication. Eventually I had to leave and go to a private service, which is way too expensive, but I’m desperate. But I’m currently at a crisis point, one of the worst I’ve had in years, and was referred to the Valley Centre for an assessment. They were dismissive, rude, tried to twist my words, basically treated me like nothing. They didn’t offer me ANY support. So now I’m stuck in a situation where I could lose my spot at my college, I’m unsafe at home, and my parents don’t have the time to take care of me.


Review 29 of 33

1 star2 years ago

They are unprepared and do not listen. They have said numerous times that they will call but haven’t; they said they had a meeting about the situation but that was -9 days ago & still no news. Said they wd call but have not. Very ‘sympathetic’ but no actua action whatsoever. Even told family members to ‘just try not to think about what’s happening ‘ !?!?!

Shocking service. No action. No one seems to actually know what they are doing, or have the resources to actually help someone with mental health issues. Said they wd call but it’s been 10 days & nothing – we’ve tried calling numerous times. Dangerously unhelpful.

Review 30 of 33

1 star3 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 31 of 33

1 star3 years ago

They simply want to get you out of the door as quickly as possible. I have seen numerous members of their team and they are all the same. Convinced they know what they are talking about and unprepared to listen. This department is dangerous to the health of those charged with visiting them. The latest appointment resulted in a rushed, and later confirmed, completely incorrect assessment which endangered both me and the general public. Be warned.

Review 32 of 33

1 star3 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 33 of 33

1 star4 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

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