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5 stars3 months ago

I had a booster Covid19 vaccine here. It was very well organised by the Rotary volunteers even though very busy. I saw the volunteers help members of the public who had queries about the vaccine type, walk in appointments and getting a taxi home! The pharmacist was very cheerful, informative and efficient.

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5 stars10 months ago

Gus the pharmacist is always so helpful, getting in exactly the right make of prescription, tablets as requested. Always so kind and efficient, sensitive to all sorts of needs.

Review 3 of 5

5 stars10 months ago

Excellent service. Well organised and efficient system. Quick and very respectful treatment. Thoroughly recommend.

Review 4 of 5

5 stars3 years ago

Went here for a flu jab. I was asked to return in 30 mins. As I left, a senior staff member took the time to come outside and flag me down; the pharmacist had just returned and I could have the jab immediately. They didn’t need to do this but it was much appreciated. The pharmacist was very friendly and efficient when giving the flu jab too.

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5 stars5 years ago

Over the past 3 years the team here has supported my brother and I in our own pharmacy needs and also supported us as we cared for our frail elderly parents.
For example:
Delivering medicines to my parents’ house as they can not get out to the surgery; Popping out the tablets from blister packs into bottles as my mother finds this too difficult to do.
Making up dossette boxes for my father’s tablets so that visiting carers could administer them.
Looking at the rash of a visiting relative and advising on treatments to keep her going until she could get an appointment with her own GP.
Alerting both me and the surgery that the doctor’s prescription for “just in case” medicines was insufficient to cover the whole of the upcoming bank holiday period when my father was dying.
Coming out from behind the counter to give my Mum a hug on her next visit to the pharmacy after Dad had died.
Sending us a condolence card.

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