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3 months ago

Really great surgery, think they get alot of flack sometimes. All surgeries are the same in terms of getting appointments. Too many people and not enough surgeries so the ones we do have are stretched. Staff are lovely here. Like the new care navigation setup and that you cant queue at the door at 8. Makes it fair for us that have to call in and cant get there to queue because of the kids and school runs

3 months ago

Can never get an appointment! It’s disgusting! How are all appointments taken by 8 am? Will have to use local hospital, which I might add are fed up with dealing with GPs surgeries that won’t see patients!! Will be looking for new surgery

5 months ago

The booking system at this surgery is appalling. For the many people who have full time jobs and busy lives the system makes managing any healthcare needs very challenging. Having to wait 3 weeks for an appointment can cause health anxiety and/or a deterioration in condition that may be managed relatively easily with responsive, efficient care provision. The alternative of boking on the day for an ‘urgent’ appointment is also not helpful when this has to fit in with day to day life. I have no doubt that systems such as these are letting the local population down and are increasing attendance at OOH provisions such as the urgent care clinic in Wycombe and the GP streaming system at SMH – which is an inappropriate use of these services. If GP’s provided an efficient service with systems that supported people in providing timely care then I am sure the additional strain on such resources would be reduced.

I have made attempts to contact the practice manager but apparently this is not possible as no contact method other than calling is available and I doubt anyone has the time to be on hold for an limited time before calls are terminated time and time again.

I have been unable to access the on line CQC report for this practice – it was rated as goodm, but I would be curious to know how they viewed access to the service …..

On a more positive note the reception staff or ‘care navigators’ as they are now referred to are significantly less hostile than they used to be.

3 years ago

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3 years ago

I’ve never had any trouble getting an appointment. The reception staff have always been helpful even when I’ve forgotten to put prescripsions in on time. The only time I’ve had any issue was once when my daughter was ill the Dr sent me to Wycombe hospital but they have no paediatric ward so should have been sent to stoke Mandeville. Thankfully she wasn’t critical or this wasted time could have been invaluable.

3 years ago

I think the reception staff could be more discreet, I recently found out I was pregnant and asked to see a midwife over the counter, staff then promptly started telling me (very loudly) there was no midwife at the moment and I needed to call the number on the front of this maternity pack. I am not ashamed of my pregnancy by no means but I certainly do not want the whole village to know about it before my 12 week scan shows everything is fine. Discretion needs to be of upmost importance and for me there was a complete lack of it.

3 years ago

Because it is so difficult to get an appointment at this surgery, I tend not to bother and my health suffers. They need more people at the desk and answering phones and they need more doctors on duty more often. There are threatening notices up now suggesting if we don’t pay to have the flu jab there, we are in danger of losing the surgery as they make money from it. It wouldn’t be a loss.

3 years ago

Evening surgery really helpful for working people – as is the online prescriptions.

3 years ago

Generally very happy with medical services at this practice. I find reception staff no problem but realise that this seems to be the most pressured of positions (I have visited numerous U.K. Surgeries in my past IT consultancy role) and I would beg for this trend to end. Have more coal face staff to ease the demands of patients often very understandably emotional in queues with phones going and queues increasing and GPS demanding and PMs pushing … I vote for extra receptionists to ease the burden. Otherwise happy with very excellent service.

3 years ago

When I talk to friends in other Counties, I realise how very lucky and fortunate we are in Bucks or at least at Prestwood Surgery to call in the morning n get an appointment on the same day. I have always been treated with respect and kindness by the Receptionists and the Doctors and the Pharmacist.
Dr Wilson always goes beyond the call of duty. He explains things in layman terms so we can understand. He is brilliant doctor n a shining example to his profession. Before Dr Wilson we had Dr Servo who is a great doctor too.

3 years ago

Ive never had any problems getting an appointment and the doctors have always been professional, sympathetic and given me as much time as required. Having said that, I’m not a regular visitor. Making an appointment to see a nurse is more problematic and pretty much impossible online. Repeat prescriptions online works reasonably well but it’s not the easiest of sites to navigate.

3 years ago

The doctors at the surgery are very nice and helpful, no complaints could possibly be made about them from my experience. On the other hand, I very rarely have a positive experience with the team of receptionists. I have asked about the exact same thing in the surgery several terms, and have been given completely different answers about how to go about it on each occasion. Since Christmas, I have asked about a process on how to get my prescribed medication and each time I have been told something very different. The manner in which they speak to you on the phone is often rude and condescending, often preferring to tell you that you are wrong instead of offering the ‘correct’ process of action. The problems remain in the surgery. Whilst I understand that they are often very busy, and that being seen to immediately is rarely possible, once the opportunity has arisen to speak to the receptionists I am frequently treated without respect. I tend to find that most carry on with their work on the computers, instead of looking you in the eye and carrying out a standard conversation. Being a healthy person with no serious health issues, I can just about look over these issues at the time. However, I would hate to think that those with serious illnesses or conditions, or perhaps simply those that are worried about their medical problems, are treated in the same manner that I frequently am. Of course, not all of the receptionists are like this, but I have many more negative experiences of the receptionists team than positive ones. It makes me feel uncomfortable heading into the surgery, or even calling up, which is something that no one should have to feel about their local medical practice.

3 years ago

Generally I have found this to be a good surgery, booking appointments can be tough! Not sure what an emergency appointment even means?

3 years ago

I have been a patient for over 30 years , they always manage to see children on the same day . They are efficient , empathic , professional and welcoming .

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