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1 month ago

Doctors don’t listen to your concerns and questions. I’ve experienced a doctor complaining at length about the NHS (when I was in pain needing treatment) and another who wouldn’t listen to my concerns or even examine me.

1 year ago

The past year has been a nightmare for me.

I believe that going to this surgery, you never know how useful it’s going to be. I have been told to make appointments for a few weeks time for a follow up before, only for the receptionists to insist that I call on the day. I’ve had a doctor tell me, “You should have booked a double appointment.”, (you can book double appointments?! Did not know that!) but then when I try and book a double appointment in advance the receptionists insist that I call up on the day from 8:30am. It’s like nobody talks to each other. It’s impossible to get a double appointment on the day, because EVERYBODY calls up on the day!

There are some lovely doctors that do genuinely seem to care, but everybody wants them so you can only get them if you’re lucky. I feel like I’ve been neglected by this surgery. Yes, I’ve had a lot of issues. But most of them are connected, and if I’d had one doctor listen to me about all of them, then those connections might have been made and I wouldn’t be still needing appointments now.

2 years ago

I have not visited my GP in a number of years, and like a lot of other people, had heard stories of how it took at least three weeks to get an appointment.

I need to have my coil replaced. I went to the surgery and asked for an appointment and was given a telephone appointment with the GP within a week. I was also given an appointment for a cervical smear within two weeks with the practice nurse. This more than met my expectations.

3 years ago

After finding a lump the doctors where extremely fast moving and got me into the breast clinic within 3 days.cant thank then enough .

3 years ago

My husband and I have been with the practice for over 20 years and have always found the doctors and receptionist very helpful and caring

3 years ago

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3 years ago

They offer a good all-round service.

3 years ago

The midwifery service offered at this practice is excellent, the receptionists are brilliant and I have always managed to get a same-day appointment.

3 years ago

I have always managed to get a last-minute appointment which is excellent.

3 years ago

The appointment system is very inconvenient. You should be able to book ahead.

3 years ago

The quality of care is excellent and the GP’s are friendly and thorough.

3 years ago

It would be great to have more follow up after blood tests after receiving results.

3 years ago

Continuity of doctors is bad- I rarely see the same doctor. The overall service is good though.

3 years ago

Takes a long time to get appointment, and at times you can’t get an emergency appointment.

3 years ago

The practice offers good GP’s and it is never hard to get an appointment.

3 years ago

The GP’s are always great and I have never had any problems.

3 years ago

This surgery does not listen to the patients needs and they are very slow to make a diagnosis

3 years ago

I experience a good all-round service.

3 years ago

The surgery needs more efficiency. For example, it would be nice to have follow-up calls after blood tests.

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