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Review 4 of 15

3 stars2 months ago

Doctor too busy, don’t care. Care for 25 years, no don’t care, cost surgery too much.

Review 5 of 15

3 stars3 months ago

Please improve the appointment service.

Review 6 of 15

3 stars8 months ago

I witnessed one of the receptionists being really rude to an elderly patient . She has not been working there long and has also been rude to others on the phone

Review 7 of 15

2 stars8 months ago

Signed off from work, have had to repeatedly ring the surgery for over a week and a half to check on a sick note extension request and have constantly been given inaccurate and misleading information by several receptionists – it is clear they are not all trained on the process. It is impossible to immediately get through to a trained operator and you are forced to wait in a queue for over half an hour before your call connects. Appointments are also incredibly hard to come by. Very poor continuity of care.

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Review 8 of 15

5 stars1 year ago

My daughter had been ill for several weeks. They fitted her in after a telephone call and saw her the same day. Great service – lovely doctors!

Review 9 of 15

2 stars1 year ago

Very up and down service. Sometimes excellent (have been able to squeeze me in at short notice, Most Dr’s are very nice), sometimes terrible (lost my prescription – sent my prescription to Bristol!, Dr referral letter didn’t materialise, Checked me in for a midwife appointment and then after 40 minutes of waiting they came and told me she was off sick that day!!)

Review 10 of 15

2 stars3 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 11 of 15

2 stars3 years ago

Had to wait 3 weeks for ECG in August 2017.
Never get through on the telephone or to make appointment on internet as preferred doctor never available.

Review 12 of 15

2 stars4 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 13 of 15

2 stars4 years ago

I was referred to have a kidney ultrasound scan a few months ago and I never received any letter or call since then. Very disappointing.

Review 14 of 15

5 stars5 years ago

It was my first time in the surgery without my mum and I was really nervous but when i got into the room The Gp was really kind and said not to worry withes 7 mins he had refereed me to a hearing clinic. By then i had calmed down and he explained that its okay to be nervous i was as well

Review 15 of 15

5 stars5 years ago

It would be nicer to see GP’s spending longer with the elderly patients and having a little more patience with them.

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