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Review 1 of 17

1 star 2 months ago

They way they try to help people is dangous and will cause more damage then help

I wish I have never asked for there help
It left me feeling hopless which needed in me trying to kill myself

Review 2 of 17

1 star 4 months ago

I don’t think they could have made me feel worse

Review 3 of 17

1 star 5 months ago

I have been with bucks talking therapies twice all they intrested is
Discharging you to different service so you no longer there problem

Review 4 of 17

1 star 5 months ago

I have tryed twice though bucks talking theopies both time I refered to the crisis team then discharged
I am going to have to get better on my own as these services have made me worse

Review 5 of 17

1 star 6 months ago

No support. Discharged even though step 2 appropriate. Service isn’t interested in patients or good therapy; only interested in appeasing CCG. This is evident in their management encouraging PWPs to lie about recovery rates/MDS to give the illusion the service is helping people.

Review 6 of 17

1 star 7 months ago

This service has caused me a major set back in obtaining the help I need. I had a problem with the NHS psychiatric services which I was beginning to solve, but unfortunately during that process it was recommended that I contact Talking Therapies to get some help because of unrelated issues I was having, so I did. Only to be left being discharged with a letter that is now causing problems with me recieving the right care.

They don’t listen to patients. They do just want to fob people off, and in my case, they are actually having a big affect on my chances of getting the right help that I need. I wish I had never referred them.

I would go into more details, but this would take a long time to type here. I really do think that this is a terrible service that are causing problems for patients like myself. My recommendation to other people considering service would be to avoid at all costs

Review 7 of 17

3 stars 1 year ago

CBT – the clinicians were not distracted and listened. However, there were more specific questions they couldn’t support with. I had to really insist to get a referral to what I wanted. It was a refresher course only for me. You needed persuasive skills to get the right support. If you don’t have the clarity of what you needed then you might not get the right support.

Review 8 of 17

1 star 1 year ago

A waste of time
Can’t ever get through on the phone
Assessments tell you you’re severely depressed etc and then you’re fobbed off!

Review 9 of 17

2 stars 1 year ago

You’ll be put on the waiting list for around the year, only to get CBT. I had a lovely therapist, but the way the system is run is inferior. I don’t recommend it. Also the waiting list whilst you’re on it, you’ll be completely in the dark, they won’t update you or give you a time frame as to how long you will be waiting.

Also, I don’t care how many studies prove CBT works, it DOES NOT help severe PTSD, as it only focuses on the symptoms rather than the past. Also, I requested a female (due to a domestic violent boyfriend in the past) but had to see a male or go back on the waiting list.

Review 10 of 17

1 star 2 years ago

Terrible call centre agents in oldbury HM manager is no better. Don’t bother there not interested if you have stress or anxiety uncaring unfeeling monsters when you go to self refer you get a long list of never ending questions. [some comments have been withheld in accordance with our privacy policy]>Comments

Review 11 of 17

1 star 2 years ago

Referred 02/03/2022 by GP.
Accepted 24/03/2022
No-one has contacted me by 27/04/2022.
Tel: 01628 857 311 = Answerphone – no one calls me back.
Tel: 01494 522 591 = Does not ring // or connect.
Tel: 01494 412 525 = Does not ring // or connect.
Tel: 01865 901 000 = Do not answer the phone.
Tel: 01865 901 600 = Does not ring // or connect.
Text: 07798 667 169 = TALK = Not Delivered

Review 12 of 17

2 stars 2 years ago

three years ago I was referred for a weight control program (tier 4). The outcome was that I had been promised to be recommended for bariatric surgery. When earlier this week I was being assessed by them for anxiety and depression it emerged that no one there had EVER EVEN SENT A FOLLOW UP letter to my GP. I am now on the verge of becoming immobile with my weight, am in significant pain and feel I am just a number and left to die. I cannot lose weight and have gone through all four tiers required by the NHS. Have put on an additional two stone during Covid. What’s more the assessment yesterday was a desaster. The lady was late (acceptable in my book if you have been with a patient) and then asked me questions she had asked before thereby showing a lack of engagement. I really do not trust them at all and feel I am being used as a guinea pig for trainees. A waste of everyone’s time including my own and a waste of NHS funds. Instead of cheap bolt-on options the NHS needs to bring services in house wand employ more senior doctors and nurses. They have oodles of admin staff who have NOTHING to do and yet employ more of these layers of staff when the money ought to be spend on patient care. I am at the end of my tether and feel helpless!

Review 13 of 17

1 star 2 years ago

Made a self referral with advise from my doctor in November. Took till end of January to be ‘ assessed ‘ where naturally I was in a different mind set and lots had changed , when offered CBT the following week they called on the day and cancelled . Useless

Review 14 of 17

2 stars 3 years ago

Self referral. Initially assessed and offered help by two trainees. After requesting someone more experienced after a long wait eventually contacted and provided CBT. Therapist was friendly and empathetic but clearly restricted with the fairly ridged programme and weekly score sheet. I would have benefitted far more from speaking to a qualified counsellor even for a limited time and perhaps receiving CBT at a later stage if suitable but I realise there is a cost implication for this, so sadly this one size fits all service is not very effective.

Review 15 of 17

2 stars 3 years ago

They just have standard ways of dealing with things and don’t understand the real problem. Also they just use trainees for the counselling. It feels like you are [talking] to your daughter’s friend. No confidence in what they say. [They] just follow a standard script. Avoid if you can.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 16 of 17

2 stars 4 years ago

I turned up to attend a Stress and Anxiety CBT 6 week course last night as per my appointment letter. Doors were locked and no answer. Eventually went to the main offices up the road only to find out that the letter I’d been sent had the wrong day and date on it. As I work in London I’d make arrangements to get back in time for this course plus I was anxious about the course anyway. I now have to see if I can make arrangement to leave work early again to attend on the day and date that should have been on the letter. This course was supposed to help my stress and anxiety instead so far it has made it worse. Not a good start!

Healthwatch Bucks responded:

This really isn't acceptable and you should consider making a complaint to Oxford Health who run the service.

Review 17 of 17

5 stars 6 years ago

I made a self referral over the telephone. I was assessed the same day. Two days later I had a second assessment and suitable support was arranged. This was a very quick service. I felt listened to by staff, and I was given various support options to choose from and I was given my preference.

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