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HP21 8TJ

01296 429 553

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3 stars6 months ago

Medication not in. Given a slip to say “still to come”. Still waiting for promised phone call/text ( 17 Oct ). ONLY 2 DAYS SUPPLY LEFT!!

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Review 2 of 2

2 stars2 years ago

[This comment refers to the Repeat Prescription Service offered by Boots.]
Repeat prescriptions consistently being delayed, not ordered and overlooked.
Boots are promising a service that they DO NOT deliver or do not deliver effectively. Management is poor in terms of constantly putting the problem back to me when they fail to order my next prescription. It means not only am I dealing with the frustrating consistent poor services of the Mandeville practice but the inefficiency of a pharmacy not putting their patients/cuctomers first. If a hard copy of repeat prescription is put in front of me I WOULD SIGN it for you to collect from the surgery – It’s not my duty to tell you your job but you are asking me to tell you to remember to put my repeat prescription in for you to provide a service that is meant to be making life easier for people and not massively STRESSFUL.

On the occasion that they do collect it and inform me to pick it up – its great.

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