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Review 1 of 29

5 stars 7 months ago

I came for blood tests on Thursday at Bedgrove surgery. I was asked if a student nurse could do my review and bloods. The student nurse and was brilliant. I didn’t even have a needle mark on my arm. Good luck with your career.

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Review 2 of 29

2 stars 1 year ago

Now I’m on my second pregnancy and I never felt any sympathy from the midwife, never answered on time to my phone calls or messages. When I had my first pregnancy she didn’t even see me once, just on my second pregnancy and all very quickly, not too many questions, no communication. They make me appointments and no one is letting me know about it, no letters, no text messages, just sometimes… after they call and just tell you that you have missed an appointment you had no idea about. I mentioned so many times I struggle with mental health and it is pretty hard to cope, but probably they are too tired to do their job anymore. If you can’t be a compassionate person, please don’t so it anymore. You have no idea of the impact it can have on people. For you might be a small thing, for others everything !!!

Review 3 of 29

5 stars 1 year ago

I’ve needed to contact Bedgrove surgery a couple of times over the last few months. I have found the receptionist patient, courteous and very helpful. Arranging for an urgent call back from the duty Gp who did their best to resolve my medical queries. I could not have asked for better care thought different from what I was used to post pandemic but excellent all the same.

Review 4 of 29

5 stars 1 year ago

Simply great surgery. Phoned up spoke to a doctor on the day, doctor asked me to come in, saw doctor, got referred to the hospital. Got a letter the next day from referral team at the surgery with my referral details. They even booked my patient transport as I can’t drive and rely on the patient transport service.

Amazing great service from a caring surgery. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Review 5 of 29

5 stars 1 year ago

Really good surgery. Got an in the day appointment, saw a doctor and got my issue resolved. Big positive change and good to see one surgery is giving people the care they need and going out of their way to give patients appointments either on the day or within a few days. Well done

Review 6 of 29

5 stars 1 year ago

I spoke to the receptionist who was extremely helpful and patient. After explaining my symptoms he offered me a telephone appointment, as my symptoms were not life threatening I was happy to have a t/p appointment. GP called in less than an hour. Was given advice and prescription sent to pharmacy.
Great team work for all staff.

Review 7 of 29

2 stars 2 years ago

I am registered at Bedgrove but every time I’ve needed jabs for my son, appointments etc I have to go to Wendover or Aston Clinton surgery (the 3 surgeries are partnered together). I don’t drive and both those places require me to get 2 buses. . The actual service I’ve received from all 3 have been pretty good which I appreciate but I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have my doctors be the one I registered at. This has been going on since 2020, my son is now 2 and has never had an appointment at his actual doctors.

This isn’t a complaint about the staff but the structure of this partnership which impacts patients particularly those who don’t drive or have limited mobility. It should be flagged up when you register that appointments may take place at other locations as had I known this I would have registered elsewhere (which I now will be doing).

Review 8 of 29

3 stars 2 years ago

waited 5 weeks to get an appointment face to face 😩managed to arrange a blood test.Tried to arrange another appointment told no appointments available for October! try again in 3 weeks.!?
On both visits to the surgery the waiting room was empty.
so disappointed

Review 9 of 29

1 star 2 years ago

I rarely leave bad reviews, but I must admit that I am totally disgusted with this practice, the receptionists are consistently rude on the phone, and I am totally unable to get a face to face appointment with a doctor despite having several ongoing and concerning medical issues. I just get a short condescending phone call from a doctor who is dismissive and unhelpful. I am always made to feel that I am a nuisance and wasting everybodies time.

Review 10 of 29

1 star 2 years ago

Reception staff (one in particular) very rude, unhelpful and uncompassionate. Never able to get any appointments and when you do get one in the distant future they are cancelled and have to go through the whole rigmarole of trying to get an appointment with the rude reception staff.

Doctor’s provide a good response if you manage to see one, however family doctor never available as either working part time and reception staff don’t give the option to see any other doctors. CQC need to urgently look into the working of this surgery as they are not fit for purpose.

Review 11 of 29

5 stars 2 years ago

I am really please with the surgery. Found time to phone me on the morning of my husband’s death. They know your name; you’re not just a number

Review 12 of 29

1 star 2 years ago

Please train your receptionists (some of them). Each time we were asking something she was just arrogant, sarcastic, questioning every single thing I was saying. It’s not the first time!

Rude answers, questioning everything I was saying, acting like I was supposed to know the practice, acting like I was stupid. Well, not all of us know everything. Hope you do something about it. I know friends and family having same problem.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Healthwatch Bucks responded:

Please share this feedback with the Westongrove Practice. Having checked their website you should use this form ( You might also like to ask for a copy of the complaints procedure, which we cannot find on their website.

Review 13 of 29

1 star 2 years ago

Horrendous and incompetant. Yet again a member of my family has ended up in hospital to get treatment where there is a catastrophic failure of the gp to maintain the basic standards of patent care.

Review 14 of 29

2 stars 3 years ago

The receptionists at Bedgrove Surgery have an appalling attitude, and need to be trained in how to talk to patients.

Review 15 of 29

4 stars 3 years ago

I feel the service has greatly improved and much better organised.
Doctors and receptionists are polite and friedly.
However nurses taking blood sample at aston clinton could do with a bit more patience.

Review 16 of 29

2 stars 3 years ago

The low rating is in respect of the reception staff – incredibly obnoxious – and rude and unsympathetic even a simple ‘I’m sorry’ isn’t in [their] vocabulary – all traits not acceptable when dealing with the general public!
I should probably move to a different surgery but been with Wendover for 20 years! The Doctors however I have really only ever had good experiences with.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 17 of 29

3 stars 3 years ago

Worst website I’ve ever used. Impossible to make an appointment. When I try to request a repeat prescription, just go round and round in circles. Keep getting “This page is no longer available”. Will have to visit surgery and hand in repeat prescription request after the weekend.
Why co they keep closing for “staff training”? Is it just an excuse to close and be even less available? God help anyone who is critically ILL.

Review 18 of 29

2 stars 4 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 19 of 29

1 star 4 years ago

Inexplicably rude reception staff, to the extent that their hostility undermines the provision of a safe level of care. This is backed up by obnoxious practice management, antiquated administration processes and woeful online services. Finally, it’s near impossible to actually get an appointment with a doctor. An all round fail.

Review 20 of 29

5 stars 6 years ago

I rang for an appointment, Received an appointment that day with the nurse in Wendover as I was happy to attend there, received excellent care from the Practice nurse Caroline. I am now starting to recover. Thankyou for our wonderful health service.

Review 21 of 29

1 star 7 years ago

I phone on the behalf of a family member who needs to see the practice nurse. Family member had already spoken to reception who couldn’t offer her an appointment until Friday morning……. unfortunately not acceptable due to the issue that was presenting and the high pain levels experiencing. One particular receptionist was extremely abrupt and didn’t listen to what my family member was saying and I had the same issue when I called. Instead cutting me off mid sentence and continuing to talk over me.
If you choose to work in a GP surgery then it is paramount for you to have people skills and good communication skills. I’m absolutely livid and will be writing a formal complaint.

Review 22 of 29

2 stars 8 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 23 of 29

4 stars 8 years ago

The receptionists are sometimes fairly rude and appointments are scarce. However, they have always seemed to at least try and fit me or my family in.

Review 24 of 29

3 stars 8 years ago

The online service is terrible and it appears that the doctor’s knowledge is as well. The receptionists are quite rude as well.

Review 25 of 29

4 stars 8 years ago

the receptionists are quite rude and could do with some training in healthcare.

Review 26 of 29

5 stars 8 years ago

I rarely visit my GP but when I needed an emergency appointment I managed to receive one on the day which is excellent.

Review 27 of 29

2 stars 8 years ago

The care that I have received from GP’s is excellent however, the receptionists are less than friendly and getting an appointment is very difficult.

Review 28 of 29

1 star 8 years ago

It is very difficult to get an appointment.

Review 29 of 29

3 stars 8 years ago

Always have to wait 30 minutes+ for your appointment they are never on time. Receptionists always seem miserable and are intimidating. You can never book an appointment for a few days time as they are always fully booked so if you want to see a doctor you have to ring on the day and take an emergency appointment. Receptionists always then ask are you sure you need to be seen today and you have to say yes otherwise they tell you to ring back in a few days and they still can’t offer you an appointment. GPs/nurses though once you get in are very good.

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