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5 stars3 months ago

Attended Opthalmology AMD unit for regular 4 weekly appointment. Prompt, polite, professional, totally satisfactory service.

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5 stars7 months ago

My son had an appointment at wheelchair services. Prior to the appointment they called us to confirm the day and time, and the procedures put in place to keep us safe. All of the staff were brilliant with my son, including the cleaner and desk staff. The clinician we saw was really good at explaining the process of getting a wheelchair, showing us the wheelchair, explaining when we would get it and what to do if my sons needs changed. The waiting room and consulting room was exceptionally clean. The clinician informed us that the door to the outside and the entrance door to the room were open to ensure good ventilation, and double checked we were okay temperature wise to have the door to the outside to open. Everything was very well thought about and we felt very informed throughout.

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2 stars2 years ago

I was referred to the pain clinic and waited nearly 4 months for an appointment. On arrival at Amersham Hospital Outpatients, I was informed that I could not be seen as my referral had been assessed as “inappropriate”!
Nobody had informed me of this prior to my appointment.
The Nurse was apologetic but the Manager she spoke to completely ignored me and just walked past into her office and shut the door!
A waste of time and expensive parking, not to mention frustration after such a long wait since initial referral.
Told to go back to my GP for referral to a different clinic – another 4 month wait?

Review 4 of 8

1 star2 years ago

Had an appointment here and took the morning off work. Nowhere to park. I am a wheelchair user. Tried phoning the number for the department but no answer. Had to leave and missed appointment. Received a letter several weeks later to say that I had also missed a second appointment and they would be taking me off their books.. yes this letter arrived a day before the letter telling me I had a second appointment arrived (2 weeks after the actual appointment) absolute joke of a place. Good tactics by Amersham hospital though as I will never be going there again.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

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5 stars2 years ago

Wilkinson Day Unit
I visited twice following visits to my GP in Aylesbury and dermatology dept at Stoke Mandeville hospital.
I received help and advice for treating the affected areas on my skin, togetjer with creams and ointments.
In particular, the nurses spent time to treat the parts of my skin that I could not see and reach. This was very, very beneficial.

Wonderful !

Within days, there were significant improvements to my skin.

Review 6 of 8

5 stars4 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 7 of 8

2 stars5 years ago

I was referred here from Wycombe Hospital for an appointment for a relatively uncommon health issue, I had to wait over 3 months to get my appointment and symptoms became worse as a result.

Upon arriving I found there were parking meters that only accepted change and I did not have enough on me, I tried to find if I could pay another way. Staff directed me towards an office with a window where I was rudely informed that I could only pay with change and that I’d have to pay a fine.

I managed to sort out my parking with no help from the staff.

When I had my appointment the doctor told me what I already knew, and offered some treatments that I was already aware of. The NHS was not able to subsidize the cost in any way. They sent me some information months later about products but by this time I had already paid a significant amount of money for treatment and felt I had been let down by the NHS.

Review 8 of 8

5 stars5 years ago

Visit to the Ophthalmology department for my son. As the appointment was first thing in the morning it was easy to park, the department was clearly signposted and the receptionist was helpful at the check in desk. The clinical staff were excellent with my son, and were able to diagnose his condition and give a prescription for the correct treatment. They also gave me information on how his treatment will continue to proceed in the future. This as really helpful and reassuring.

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