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Review 1 of 20

1 star1 month ago

Never have any free appointments and you have to sit on hold for an hour to find out that once again there are no free appointments.

Review 2 of 20

1 star2 months ago

Extremely outdated and poor service of using phone calls to the surgery to book appointments. All routine appointments are usually booked up by 8:45am by the earliest. Extremely poor service from the GP considering this has been the case throughout the pandemic and other GP surgeries across the country have chosen to use online applications such as “AskmyGP” to make sure appointments are available throughout the day. I wouldn’t even give one star to this surgery

Review 3 of 20

2 stars10 months ago

Since lockdown the service has deteriorated from what was once a 5* experience.

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Review 4 of 20

5 stars1 year ago

I have had occasion to contact the surgery twice during lockdown on matters not related to covid-19. I have found the receptionists who answer the phone very helpful and reassuring in an unhurried way. I felt treated as an individual who the receptionist was doing their best to help.

Review 5 of 20

1 star1 year ago

The level of care has significantly deteriorated in the last year. Doctors and the Nurse are not interested in helping you during your appointment but are generally rude, act as if they can’t be bothered and just fob you off. The reception staff are however extremely helpful but the medical staff would be sacked in a business environment for such a poor level of service and attitude.

Review 6 of 20

5 stars3 years ago

Really appreciate the service provided using emergency 111. It prevented a repeat Sepsis occurance. Very pleased with Dr. Bailey’s assessment and treatment, also the polite assistance from the staff at the Amersham Health Centre.

Review 7 of 20

5 stars5 years ago

I have rarely had trouble getting an appointment on the day I call for any of my family. On my last visit I saw a nurse and a doctor for different issues , was not only fitted on day of call in but both next to each other appointments. Topping that , on seeing the doctor at 5 on a Friday eve , I had a call on Monday from the hospital out patients to book a follow up from that issue. Great practice with great staff at every level.

Review 8 of 20

3 stars5 years ago

It’s almost impossible to get an appointment although when you do the doctors are generally pretty helpful and nice.
However the receptionists are downright rude! They think that they are medically trained and question you relentlessly before agreeing to make you an appointment. I’m a nurse myself and know that I do not have to give any details to them but this is always a fight to get them to make an appointment.
I would encourage the health centre to retrain their front of house staff

Review 9 of 20

5 stars5 years ago

I have been with the health centre from the day I was born, I cannot fault their care over the years for all of my medical issues. I now have children of my own and the treatments and care we have received from the doctors and nurses is impeccable, I love the same day appointment system and the ladies in the pharmacy are amazing and knowledgeable too!!!

Review 10 of 20

4 stars5 years ago

I have also struggled in getting through to make appointments, as the phone lines don’t open until eight thirty a.m, tricky if you need to be in work before then. However, once you get an appointment, the doctors I have seen in the past year have all been extremely helpful, some doing their utmost to fit in review appointments around my work schedule, and they have all really taken the time to get to the bottom of health issues.

Review 11 of 20

5 stars5 years ago

I get the impression that they are always trying to improve and work WITH people which is great.

Review 12 of 20

4 stars5 years ago

When I ring to get an appointment it is very hard to get through and by the time I succeed there are not many appointments left. I appreciate how they have a good play area for children though.

Review 13 of 20

4 stars5 years ago

I managed to get registered with this practice very quickly which was convenient and they are good so far!

Review 14 of 20

5 stars5 years ago

I have always received a good quality of care from this practice and I am happy to send my family here.

Review 15 of 20

5 stars5 years ago

This practice has provided me with excellent care and are very helpful. They are limited when it comes to consultants.

Review 16 of 20

4 stars5 years ago

They offer a good all-round service but more appointments need to be made available at times that are suitable for working people.

Review 17 of 20

4 stars5 years ago

The GP’s are very friendly. It would help if they could reinstate the text reminder service.

Review 18 of 20

4 stars5 years ago

Good service offer d f I’m GP. However, the appointment system is terrible. The same-day booking system means that the patient is forced to wait on the phone for a long time early that morning, often to find that there are no appointments left. There is also no doctor allocation, which lacks the personal touch often necessary in a GP.

Review 19 of 20

5 stars5 years ago

Well staffed and always on time for appointments

Review 20 of 20

5 stars5 years ago

Appointment made for the same day and easy to get a subsequent appointment, at a time convenient to me, the following week. Reception staff very pleasant at the desk and later on the phone when the appointment had to be rearranged. The doctor was very friendly and effective medication was prescribed.

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