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Recent reviews

Oakfield Surgery

3 stars

7 days ago

I have nothing but praise for the all of the staff that I have seen at Oakfield Surgery their care is some of the best that I have ever experienced

Hazlemere Surgery (Dr Reidy & Partners)

5 stars

4 weeks ago

Very helpful reception and nursing and medical staff

Wycombe Urgent Treatment Centre (FedBucks Ltd)

5 stars

4 weeks ago

Seen, xrayed and had consultation for fracture Great service friendly and efficient
Following day had phone call from fracture clinic with apt. Many thanks to all

The Simpson Centre

2 stars

1 month ago

Receptionist very rude. I am new to this practice and every time I have called I seem to have dealt with the same member of staff, unprofessional, doesn’t show any care or concern and seems to hurry you off the phone before you have even finished your sentence. Really disappointed as once you ar ...