Your feedback is vital in helping us to understand how services are performing. Your stories and experiences feed into our strategy, guiding us to investigate issues within your health and social care services, and help us to shape services better so that they work for you.

It Starts with You – an Easy Read guide

If you have any compliments or concerns about the work of Healthwatch Bucks you can contact us directly.

What Happens to Your Feedback?Step 1: Collecting Your feedback is entered into our database. Step 2: Safety Check All feedback is checked for safeguarding issues. If needed, the feedback is sent to people who can help, or action is taken straight away. Step 3: Analysis We look at all the collected data, so we can see where lots of people have the same problem. Step 4: A Closer Look We look at other feedback and other information and use them to plan our projects. Step 5: Making Changes From our projects we make recommendations to services so that they can make the right changes.

Can’t find the service you want to leave feedback for?

If you are having problems finding the service that you want to leave feedback for you can tell us about a new service and rate it at the same time.

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