No Address, No Problem – Follow Up

Have GP practices improved information around registering with no address?

17, June 2019

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Calling from the Doorway: Hearing Loss Follow-Up Report

Take a look at what has changed since we published our report...

3, June 2019

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Westongrove Partnership – Follow up

What has changed since our visit?

20, May 2019

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What care homes did next – April 2019

Take a look at the recommendations and Care Home responses from 6 Care Home visits

8, May 2019

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Dignity in Care Annual Report 2018-19

Take a look at all the work we've done with care homes over the past year...

26, April 2019

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Annual Priorities Report 2019/20

Looking ahead at next year.

12, March 2019

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Making Care Better

Have care homes improved in the past 6 months?

11, November 2018

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Dignity And Harm

Read our report on the treatment of people who have self-harmed.

8, November 2018

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Urgent Care – What to do? Where to go?

We asked Bucks residents about Urgent Care Services.

7, November 2018

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Survey of PPGs in local practices

Mapping the progress of PPGs since October 2015

13, August 2018

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GP Enter and View Visit to Westongrove Partnership

In June 2018, we visited Wendover Health Centre and Bedgrove Surgery to carry out a GP Enter and View visit.

7, August 2018

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Follow-up on our Enter and View at Chiltern House

A really positive response to our recommendations

2, August 2018

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Our “Feeling Happy” drawing competition

The results are in!

1, August 2018

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Crystal Clear – our work with providers on leaflet readability

Making health and social care information easier to understand

10, July 2018

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Healthwatch Bucks Annual Report 2017-18

It's been a fantastic fifth year

29, June 2018

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No address, no problem – registering at the GP with no fixed abode

We found that 80% of GP practices provide a helpful response

25, May 2018

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Dignity in Care Annual Report 2017-18

An evaluation of the visits we made to rate and review 24 care homes in Bucks

8, May 2018

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Annual Strategic Priorities Report 2018/19

Read how and why we have chosen our strategic priorities for next year

3, April 2018

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