Our latest Enter and View

We visited Chiltern House Medical Centre

19 December, 2017

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Follow-up on dentistry mystery shopping

Have improvements been made?

5 December, 2017

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Calling from the Doorway

Healthcare and hearing loss in Bucks

23 November, 2017

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Making the most of your pharmacy

A Healthwatch Bucks street view project

14 November, 2017

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Follow-up on our GP Patient Experience Report

Have practices made changes?

17 October, 2017

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Follow-up on Home to Health

Including a response from Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust

27 September, 2017

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Experiences of discharge from hospital

A joint project with other Local Healthwatch

30 August, 2017

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Response to our Birthing Partner Experience report

From the Chief Midwife at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

24 July, 2017

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A formal response to our Dignity in Care Annual Report

Quality in Care Team at Buckinghamshire County Council

24 July, 2017

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Our Annual Report 2016/17

A look back on a year of progress

30 June, 2017

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1000 Voices – we celebrate, we change, we improve

Because what you say, we do!

7 June, 2017

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Home to Health

A report on hospital parking permits for voluntary community car drivers

18 May, 2017

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Dignity in Care Annual Report

An overall evaluation of our Dignity in Care Project

4 May, 2017

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Dads and Maternity: Partner Experience

An evaluation of the birth experience from the partners point of view

12 April, 2017

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Mental Health Peer Support Report

An evaluation of Mental Health Peer Support groups across Buckinghamshire

3 March, 2017

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GP Patient Experience Report

What information patients are presented with when they visit their GP practice, visit the website, or telephone out of hours?

8 February, 2017

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Good Practice Guide – Meaningful Activities

In our second good practice guide we look at using meaningful activities in care homes

17 November, 2016

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