Toni thanks A&E team at Stoke Mandeville

"I found the whole experience very positive"

18 September, 2019

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Frank tells us about his experience of Urology services in Bucks

"I was not impressed with the local services..."

8 August, 2019

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Mental health needs a holistic approach

Katie tells us about her experience with getting treatment for mental health.

8 May, 2019

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Jodie on getting treatment for her son at Wycombe UTC

"The UTC was simple and easy to access, we just walked in and were helped"

2 February, 2019

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Sarah tells us about getting treatment for self-harm injuries

Sarah tells us about her experiences at Wycombe Hospital and Stoke Mandeville A&E.

8 January, 2019

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Abi tells us about her job as a support worker in a care home

"I would never trade this for anything."

11 November, 2018

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Jonathan talks about moving from being a carer to a client services manager

“I know clients are relaxed talking to me and families are happy with what I do.”

11 November, 2018

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Liz on her job as an Activities Coordinator in a care home

I don’t see a person in a wheelchair. I see a friend who I get to support and nurture.

11 November, 2018

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Real Story: Lorraine – NHS research and me

A revolutionary new treatment for ectopic pregnancies.

10 November, 2018

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Real Stories – Ben

Ben shares with us his story about taking charge of his own diabetes treatment

12 October, 2018

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Alastair recounts his experience of cardiac care in Bucks

From the ambulance service, to Wycombe Hospital to the Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme

17 July, 2018

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Richard on volunteering with Bucks Mind

"There most definitely is a feel-good factor about Befriending."

23 April, 2018

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Sarah’s experience of talking to NHS 111

"I know that my feedback has helped to make sure people get the right advice as soon as possible"

22 March, 2018

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Jenny on visiting care homes looking at Dignity in Care

"I really believe we do make a difference to improving dignity in care, even if sometimes it’s only in a small way."

31 January, 2018

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Dave on losing his daughter to cancer

"It’s only when you are going through something like this that you realise how precious the smallest hugs are"

24 November, 2017

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Heidi Beddall on leading Maternity Services

"You can't design a service without involving the people it’s for"

23 November, 2017

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Rachel on living with diabetes

"Not many people really understand what it is"

20 November, 2017

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Rachel on living with depression

"I wish people understood that it isn’t a choice"

19 November, 2017

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My recent experience with my son at Orthoptics Outpatients at Amersham Hospital

Due to my experience yesterday I am feel reassured that the rest of our journey will be a good one and that we will be supported. A

26 July, 2016

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