A day in a life at Windsor Lodge Care Home

"The past 18 months have been unprecedented and have focused the limelight on social care"

29 November, 2021

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A story of services within Bucks working together

I felt compelled to share this story to say thank you to the NHS. Everyone from the ambulance service, down to all of the staff at A & E

29 October, 2021

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The NHS working perfectly

My husband’s face was nervous and questioning when he replied, “I can feel a lump”.

21 September, 2021

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A cautionary tale

'I would not be here today without the wonderful team at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and I cannot thank them enough'  

15 July, 2021

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My husband’s Dementia diagnosis

"We have a very scary road ahead but can take comfort in the fact we have the support of our lovely family and medical staff alike"

21 June, 2021

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Unity Health and Cross Keys Practices offer vaccinations to all in top priority groups

"This has been achieved by the hard work of the clinical and administrative staff"

31 March, 2021

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‘Pleased… delighted… excited… thank goodness for that!’

The residents at Windsor Lodge Care home were eager to tell us about having the COVID-19 vaccination

2 March, 2021

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Watch Shade Adoh receiving her COVID-19 vaccine

'Do this for the people you care about'

22 February, 2021

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Volunteering at the COVID-19 vaccination hub

We spoke to Fiona about her experience...

8 February, 2021

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We spoke to a nurse who has been administering vaccines at Adams Park Stadium

'It was exhausting but fulfilling and great to be part of the team'

26 January, 2021

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A couple in Princes Risborough share their vaccine story

'Thank you to all the staff at Cross Keys Surgery who are dealing with this so professionally. You should be very proud of yourselves and the work you are doing'.

8 January, 2021

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Matthew has shared his lockdown journey with us

'I referred myself to the Community Mental Health Team'

19 August, 2020

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Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Spreading awareness of this rare disease will help children get diagnosed as early as possible

14 August, 2020

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Life in Lockdown

A view from Aylesbury Women's Aid

21 July, 2020

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Elise explains how lockdown has impacted her mental health

'The best decision I made was to take control of my feelings and try to improve how I was feeling'

20 May, 2020

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Patsy tells us what happened when her and her husband had coronavirus symptoms

'when she phoned back she seemed to know even less than we did'

20 May, 2020

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Roger tells us how treatment has changed due to conronavirus

'I was asked to self-administer the injections and prescribed enough to cover 3 treatments'

11 May, 2020

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The Fremantle Trust – “No peeking!”

The team at The Heights explain how they went above and beyond for one residents birthday

4 May, 2020

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Sally tells us how her husbands Care Home made his birthday special

'‘it is wonderful that modern technology can provide links to friends and family from inside our own homes’'

21 April, 2020

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Jane tells us about her experience at Wycombe Hospital

''I didn't have any help at any time''.

23 January, 2020

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