PPGs and PCNs working together

Insight into PPG and PCN meetings

19, December 2019

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PPG Network Meeting update

We were at the two PPG networking meetings in September

2, October 2019

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Bucks CCG has announced the next PPG network meetings

Save the date!

11, July 2019

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Patient Group Improves Privacy in GP Reception

See how one PPG took on feedback to make improvements...

10, July 2019

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Patient Action Group for Whitehill Practice (PAG)

See how one patient group increased their membership through Facebook...

5, June 2019

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See the play Connie’s Colander for free!

Showing in Haddenham and Beaconsfield

9, May 2019

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Helping Patients with “Patient Access” Online System at Haddenham Medical Centre

Find out how this patient group helped people with their GP's online system.

1, April 2019

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PPG Network – Topics and Agenda Submissions

Find out more about what the meetings will discuss, and how to submit agenda items.

6, March 2019

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PPG Network Meeting Updates

The latest on the PPG network meetings

7, February 2019

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New arrangements for PPG Network Meetings

Bucks CCG has given us some information on changes to the Patient Participation Network

27, December 2018

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Denys’ Story – the part that patients play

Learn how one PPG is encouraging people to look after themselves.

12, November 2018

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PPG success story – 6 tips to increase membership

Do you need to increase your PPG’s membership? Here’s how one PPG did it.

4, October 2018

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Survey of PPGs in local practices

Mapping the progress of PPGs since October 2015

13, August 2018

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I’ve always been a hugely passionate supporter of the NHS!

Shelley tells us what motivated her to join Cross Keys Surgery PPG

13, August 2018

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I had a more informed perspective on the practice’s services

Diane explains what motivated her to join Gladstone Practice Patient Group

19, June 2018

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What happens when patients take an active role in their PPG….

Record memberships in record time

23, April 2018

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One PPG’s brilliant idea to support people in their community

A success story from Poplar Grove

22, March 2018

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What you can do for your GP Practice (and what your GP Practice can do for you)

John Hampden Surgery PPG has an answer

12, January 2018

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