Annual Report Launch Event 2020-21

Watch us celebrate everything our wonderful staff and volunteers achieved this year!

13 July, 2021

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Ask NHS have been rebranded...

7 July, 2021

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Ask NHS: Responses

We have had responses to our recommendations

30 June, 2021

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Annual Report 2020-21

It was a challenging year for everyone!

30 June, 2021

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Why we’re asking for more information about you

Phil, our Data & Impact Manager, explains

29 June, 2021

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My husband’s Dementia diagnosis

"We have a very scary road ahead but can take comfort in the fact we have the support of our lovely family and medical staff alike"

21 June, 2021

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Chalfonts & Gerrards Cross Hospital celebrates 150th anniversary

The 150th anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to say thank you to the League of Friends for all their ongoing efforts

18 June, 2021

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COVID-19 vaccination programme in Bucks – Snapshot Report

We would like more people to be aware of the work we do

17 June, 2021

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Stoke Mandeville Hospital maternity and gynaecology wards relocated for up to a year

The hospital is temporarily moving its facilities

16 June, 2021

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Accessing Remote Appointments in Bucks

Whilst many people have been able to adjust to having their doctor’s appointment by telephone or online, there are some people who have difficulties

11 June, 2021

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COVID-19 vaccination programme in Bucks

We wanted to hear about people’s experience having the COVID-19 vaccine

11 June, 2021

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Extra Covid vaccinations available without an appointment in Aylesbury this weekend

The Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group confirms extra vaccinations will be administered this weekend

10 June, 2021

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Is the NHS sharing your data?

What you need to know

9 June, 2021

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New Mental Health Hub for South Buckinghamshire

It will ultimately bring together a range of mental health teams under one roof

7 June, 2021

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Trust eases restrictions to allow visitors for patients

"We’re pleased to welcome visitors back to our hospitals. We understand how hard it has been especially during the last wave"

28 May, 2021

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Twin crisis of access and affordability calls for a radical rethink of NHS dentistry

four in five people are struggling to access timely care

26 May, 2021

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Have you had mental health support via telephone or video call in the past 12 months?

We want to hear about your experience...

29 April, 2021

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Ask NHS Report

We wanted to understand the patient experience of using Ask NHS

27 April, 2021

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Dementia Friendly Aylesbury

How can you support this community project?

26 April, 2021

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COVID-19 vaccine: what you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions to help you get information about the biggest vaccination programme in history

20 April, 2021

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