We’ve agreed on our strategic priorities for 2024/25. These provide the framework we will use for deciding on the work we do.

Our annual priorities help us determine what research we conduct, as well as where to target our efforts on behalf of local people – particularly individuals and communities whose voices aren’t always heard.

We’ll use our annual priorities to guide:

  • How we engage with other organisations
  • Which meetings we go to
  • Who we talk to about local health and social care.

This year’s annual priorities have been informed by our previous work, as well as what we’ve learned in the past 12 months about people’s experiences of health and social care services in Buckinghamshire.

What we’ll focus on

Our priorities for 2024/25 are as follows:

  • Children and young people’s experiences of health and social care.
  • Women’s Health
  • Social Care

Healthwatch Bucks will take a cross cutting interest in:

  • Health Inequalities.
  • Digitalisation of services

Healthwatch Bucks works across the whole of health and social care. We will engage with the key pieces of work that are being done across the health and social care system. We will continue to engage with the Integrated Care System (covering Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West) to ensure that the voices of Bucks residents are heard at this level.

‘Children and young people’ is carried over from 2023/24 – this is because we feel there is still more we can do this year to hear from children and young people about their experiences of health and social care.

In addition, this year we will also be running regular snapshot surveys that may sit outside our priority areas but will capture insights about topical issues e.g., primary care.

We listen to what you have to say; we influence others to listen to what you say; we make sure that what you say makes a difference, locally and nationally, to health and social care provision.


Strategic priorities report 2024/2025.

Published on 22 Apr

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