Our new research project will focus on community pharmacies. We want to find out how much local people know about the services they offer, as well as learn about Bucks residents’ experiences with using those services.

Community pharmacies are sometimes called chemists or high street pharmacies. They can be found in various locations, from town centres to small villages and supermarkets.

While community pharmacies are best known as places where you can collect or buy medicines, they also offer other NHS and publicly funded services – for example, help with giving up smoking.

We want to find out what residents of Buckinghamshire know about the services on offer from community pharmacies. We also want to know which services you’ve used and how you’ve found them – as well as why you haven’t used community pharmacy services if you have chosen not to do so.

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Raising awareness

Healthwatch Bucks project manager Alison Holloway says:

With this project, we want to raise awareness of the breadth of services that community pharmacies offer. We want to find out what people know already, extend that knowledge, and learn about what motivates people to choose a pharmacy service over an alternative such as seeing their GP.

Where people have experience of using pharmacy services, we want to know how they found them so we can feed this back and help to make sure the system works well for local people.

Helping to shape services

Zoe McIntosh, Chief Executive of Healthwatch Bucks, says:

Our mission is to ensue that local people’s views help to shape the services that residents of Buckinghamshire rely on. Community pharmacies play an increasingly important role in healthcare, so it’s vital that people understand what they can offer – and that the pharmacies themselves are able to provide the right support in the right ways. We’ll share our findings so we can help to bring about positive change where it’s needed.

Published on 3 Apr, 2023 (updated 6 Apr, 2023)

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