Are you part of the Bangladeshi, Indian, Nepalese, Pakistani, or Sri Lankan community in Bucks?

We’re running two projects to hear about your experiences of using health services.

Your experience of using a Bucks NHS hospital

For one project, the NHS Trust that runs Bucks’ hospitals want to know about your experiences of using a hospital in the county. Have you (or a family member) visited a Bucks NHS hospital for a clinic or outpatients appointment, tests or an operation? We’d like to speak to you to hear your views. Please contact us directly to arrange a chat. You can talk to us in confidence.

If you would prefer to tell us about your experience anonymously click here to take part in a survey

Your experience of using Mental Health services in Bucks

For our other project, Oxford Health NHS Trust want to hear from people who have been referred to or used mental health services in Bucks. If you received support, how did it help you and how do you think Oxford Health could improve? Maybe you did not receive support but we’d still like to hear what the process was like. If you are still waiting for support or advice we’d like to hear about that too.

Take part in our survey

What we plan to do

We will write reports based on what we hear. These reports will suggest ways that services can give you and your community a better service. We will share our reports with those who provide the services and published them on our website.

Please contact us

Healthwatch Bucks is independent and we’re not part of the NHS. You can contact Helen or Robert using the information on our Contact Us page. You can talk to us in confidence.

Published on 29 Apr (updated 5 Jul)

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