In essence, a typical day has not altered hugely. The home has a relaxed atmosphere and residents rise when they choose. Whilst staff handover to the following shift to ensure consistency in care. Once everyone has had their breakfast, they can either read the newspaper, go to the lounge to have a chat, greet other residents or watch television.

As the manager, my role is to monitor the standards of care and this involves observing care interactions and talking to residents, staff and visitors. Most days there is a meeting or webinar to link with other health care professionals. This is to discuss regulations, health needs and local issues. This past year has facilitated greater collaboration between health and social care settings. This has been very welcomed. It has enabled better outcomes for people in care.

COVID-19 still presents challenges, as anyone entering our care home needs to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test (LFT), evidence of vaccination status and follow infection control practices. This includes washing hands and putting on PPE. Generally, people are compliant and are aware they need to allow more time for these procedures.

COVID-19 also forced us to look at supporting care in a different way. The residents adapted quickly to this. They regularly use the iPad to order shopping and Facetime family & friends. For some residents who have more complex needs, the virtual reality set and games on the iPad have opened a new world for them. It is wonderful to see them engaged in something that gives them so much joy.

Each day we plan an activity for our residents. Although we have not been able to go out as frequently, we have managed to meet virtually with local school children. We attend concerts, conduct flower arranging with the library and attend faith groups. We also have a virtual quiz with other care home providers. This is done through our FANS (Friends & Neighbours) network.

The past 18 months have been unprecedented and have focused the limelight on social care. This is welcomed. As a care manager, I am astounded at the compassion, support and guidance that care providers have shown each other. Also, the support the community has shown health and social care staff.

Published on 29 Nov, 2021

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