Are you a Bucks resident waiting for hospital treatment or care because of COVID-19? We want to know your experience waiting for the care you need, and what advice, information, or support the NHS has given you while you wait.

We want to know:

  • Whether you have experienced delays to your hospital treatment
  • Whether you have been given a choice about your treatment
  • What do you think about the communication you have received during delays to your treatment.

Please tell us about your most recent experience. Or, if you have been waiting for multiple treatments or received one and you’re waiting for another to take place, you can complete the survey more than once.

Everything you tell us is confidential and will help the NHS understand how it can better support people like you waiting for treatment.

So, whether your experience is good or bad – we want to hear it.

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Published on 18 Oct, 2021

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4 comments on "Are you waiting for NHS treatment or care?"

  • Commenter said on 26th October 2021

    I saw a orthopaedic consultant on 2nd August and was told l had a bursa on my hip and needed an injection, because of covid there was a long waiting list. The pain was unbearable and spent 5 weeks in bed in the end l decided to go private which cost me over £3000 pounds The procedure was on the 2nd October

  • Commenter said on 27th October 2021

    We had an e-referral for my daughter, no choice of hospital (I thought you were supposed to have a choice) and it was different to the hospital that we are visiting for physio. E referral had no appointments, told to call after a certain date where they almost laughed at me because we will be waiting for at least 6 more months. Total waste of time- a letter saying waiting lists are extremely long, if not contacted in a more realistic time frame (they are dealing with referrals from May now and ours was September) to call them. We understand current issues and waiting lists so why waste everyone’s time trying to chase an appointment that is not going to be anytime soon.

  • Commenter said on 9th November 2021

    About 18 months ago I was referred to ENT for weak voice and cough. I had unscheduled phone call from MKH doctor who did a brief assessment by phone, said I didn’t need to be seen.

    Saw GP who rereferred me as symptoms not improving. Had letter from Bucks healthcare NHS,dated 9 April 2021 stating they are “sorry that you may have experienced some delay and are waiting longer than expected”
    “Every effort is being made to restore outpatient service and it is our intention to allocate available appointments in clinical priority and then to the longest waiters”

    I have had no further communication from them. I have not been seen. I still have symptoms, it is difficult to assess the severity myself. I am over 70 and really need to be seen, in a clinic, by an ENT specialist.

  • Commenter said on 17th November 2021

    I have been waiting for stapedectomy operation at High Wycombe since referral in Jan 2021. Hospital tells me they cannot give any timescale of when it will happen – could be months or years.

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