Why are we renaming Ask NHS?

We are immensely proud of our 6-year history working with the NHS, but we know our offering must evolve if we are to continue to provide support to even more people. And that includes our name and brand.

Our new name will raise our profile and help us to make a bigger difference for more people who need our support and working with partners outside of the NHS.

We are confident our new name and brand is relevant for today and future proof for tomorrow.

 What will the new logo look like?

Are you going to be changing what you do?

No. Our aims, vision and mission remain unchanged: we want to listen and support patients whilst working alongside the NHS.

We simply want to do more of what we do best.

How did you come up with the new name and brand?

Our new name and brand were developed through an inclusive process involving patients, doctors and our community to ensure relevance, longevity and impact.

Why did you choose this name and logo?

The Ask First name is inclusive, easy to spell and remember.

Darke blue is accessible to those with visual impairment.

Block font is bold and accessible.

Branding is clear and simple.

The strapline clearly explains what we want patients to do.

Does the rebranding have any impact on existing agreements or contracts?

No. All contracts concluded under the parent company name of Sensely will remain unchanged.

Did you ask patients for their views?

Yes, patients have had the opportunity to be involved in the rebrand process in a number of ways. We were delighted that over 1000 patients took the opportunity to share their ideas and views over recent months.

How much did this rebranding process cost?

Sensely has incurred all costs associated with the rebrand, there has been no additional spend required from the NHS

What is happening to the old materials?

We have no printed material with Ask NHS remaining paper-free. Sensely is making available AskFirst digital assets which will replace all previous Ask NHS assets.

Will the old email address still work?

Yes, they will be redirected to Ask First. Our new email address will be askfirst@sensely.com

What about your website and social media channels?

We have a fantastic new web page at www.sensely.com/askfirst. Anyone who visits our previous website will be redirected.

Our new social media pages will be:

Twitter: @Askfirstgp

Facebook: Askfirst

If you already follow us on social media you won’t need to do anything.

How are you letting everyone know?

Our rebrand and change of name have been planned for some time and we will be informing our community and partners of the name change via a number of channels inc. social media, calls, push notifications, emails and more.

I’ve got some questions about the rebranding process, who can I speak to?

Please email us at askfirst@sensely.com.

Published on 7 Jul, 2021 (updated 27 Sep, 2021)

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