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Over the past 12 months, more people have been having mental health appointments remotely, via telephone or video call.

As a result of this, we want to hear the experiences of adult patients (18-65) in Buckinghamshire having remote mental health treatment.

We will write reports based on what people tell us and your responses will be summarised in the reports. We will share our findings with the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, which provide mental health support in Bucks. We will highlight what is going well and what could be improved by the provider. Therefore, our reports will be available on our website.

This survey does not collect any data that can be used to identify you. Please do not include any personal information like names or detailed health notes in the free-text responses.

We’re sorry that we can’t send out paper copies at the moment, but if you contact us and leave a message we will ring you back and take your answers over the phone.

Published on 29 Apr, 2021 (updated 27 Apr, 2022)

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One comment on "Have you had mental health support via telephone or video call in the past 12 months?"

  • Commenter said on 12th May 2021

    As someone who can’t use the telephone for mental health reasons – having a clinic that I cannot make an appointment with in the first place means I have had zero NHS support for over a year. In that time I have come off my prescribed AD medicine due to the side-effects (that I’m absolutely certain would have caused a change in the meds if I’d been able to see a doctor – close to a year of side effects that have a warning “if these persist for over two weeks then see a doctor”) – and without any advice or support from the NHS. I’ve got close to a breakdown again – again no help available. And I’ve just got more fed-up with the Equality Act and GDPR ignoring clinic I am registered with (no, I do not want to shout my private medical information at an intercom in the main car park where everyone in the area can hear everything).

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