Several of the residents at Windsor Lodge Care home were eager to tell us about having the COVID-19 vaccination.

Whilst some were nervous, many residents were very pleased when it was their turn to be vaccinated. They saw it as a way of protecting themselves and others. They also recognised that their families would also be reassured.

What was having the jab like on the day?

I was delighted they were coming to give it to us. I’m over 90 so I know I’m at a high risk of getting it and getting sick.”

”There was a lot of excitement as everyone saw it as a lifesaver.”

”I felt fine and the ladies were very nice asking us questions and checking everything. Well, they have their procedures I suppose to make sure we were safe to have it.”

”I was nervous as I have some illnesses and carry an EpiPen, so I wasn’t sure if I could have it, but I am so glad I did.

What are you hoping will change now you have had your first dose?

To hug my children again. For life to go back to the way it was. For nearly a year we haven’t been able to see family and friends who are also at risk or shielding. It has affected everyone. I hope we will be able to go out again… I’ve got hope now. This is what we’ve all been waiting for, the vaccine. We can’t all stay indoors for the rest of our lives.

What would you say to others who have been invited to have the vaccination?

Do it to protect yourself and others, think of your loved ones, your family.”

”Have it because it might prevent you from getting very ill and going into hospital.”

”Have it there is nothing to it. A quick scratch and that is it, there is nothing to be frightened of.

Anything else?

I remember Diphtheria and Measles. People didn’t want vaccines then but when they saw it saved so many lives, people changed their minds……It’s the best opportunity to protect us all and get back to normal life…

Published on 2 Mar, 2021 (updated 22 Sep, 2021)

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