Have you have had your COVID-19 vaccine?

Please give us your views on how things went by doing our survey.

Or perhaps you’ve been invited but decided not to have it? Please tell us more about your choice by doing a shorter survey.

You can answer as a relative or carer on behalf of someone else.

Take the COVID-19 vaccine survey here

We will write reports based on what people tell us. Your responses will be summarised in the reports. We will share our findings with the Bucks organisations involved to highlight any way in which the vaccination programme could be improved. We will also publish the findings on our website.

This survey does not collect any data that can be used to identify you. Therefore, please do not include any personal information like names or detailed health notes in the free-text responses.

We’re sorry that we can’t send out paper copies at the moment, but if you contact us and leave a message we will ring you back and take your answers over the phone.

Published on 3 Feb, 2021 (updated 30 Mar, 2022)

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