I work within Cygnet PCN in a large GP practice in High Wycome.

This group of GP surgeries are using Adams Park Stadium to administer vaccines. After a phenomenal amount of hard work between various people in the group, and some false starts due to vaccine delays, it all kicked off on Wednesday.

I was glad we were actually able to do something to make a start on putting an end to this. My feelings were, the quicker we got on with the programme, the quicker I would be able to see my loved ones again and get back to normal family life.

The organisation proved to be spot on and the day went like clockwork.

There are marshals in the car park directing traffic and people are booked in time blocks of 12. There were volunteers to help people in from their cars and provide wheelchairs if necessary. As they came in, they were given paperwork with information about the vaccine being used, and what to expect. They were then directed to one of 10 vaccinating booths where checks on the patients to ensure their suitability, vaccines administered and then directed to chairs to sit for 15 minutes post-vaccination, whilst maintaining social distancing.

There were multiple staff to help and direct, GP’s, nurses, paramedics, practice managers and admin staff as well as volunteers. Each and everyone a vital link in the smooth running of this mammoth operation.

The first 2 days saw well over 1100 people vaccinated.

All the patients that came through seemed happy and grateful to be there. The atmosphere was like a party without drinks and nibbles!!

It was exhausting but fulfilling and great to be part of the team.

Published on 26 Jan, 2021

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