You may have heard or seen something about Ask NHS if you’ve visited your GP in Buckinghamshire in the past few months.

Ask NHS is a free app available for iOS and Android phones and devices. It contains a symptom checker, hosted by one of Ask NHS’ virtual assistants. They will ask you questions about whatever it is you’re feeling. It will help direct you to the most appropriate care that is nearby. This might be by suggesting a local pharmacy, or by making you an appointment at your GP.

You can also access the symptom checker on most GP websites, in the bottom corner; you will be able to access the virtual assistant and symptom checker.

Ask NHS is not replacing any services you use currently. It is a new addition, and you’ll still be able to get in touch with your GP using the methods you used before.

What about my data?

Ask NHS has passed rigorous security testing and does not save any medical information to your phone.

To register with Ask NHS you will be asked to provide your surname, postcode, D.O.B and an email address, this is so it can recommend nearby and relevant services to you.

When you use the symptom checker you will be given the option for your answers to be shared with your GP, should you need to see a GP based on your symptoms.

Can I trust the answers Ask NHS gives me?

The algorithm and answers in Ask NHS have been originally developed in partnership with GP’s practicing in the UK, and then in Buckinghamshire, it has been further tested by local clinicians. It ensures the answers are up to date and safe.

Of course, Ask NHS will direct you to your GP or to further help if your symptoms are serious, and we encourage everyone to trust their own instincts and seek further help if you believe you require it.

Where can I get Ask NHS?

You can find Ask NHS on the App Store or Google Play store, and it is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

You can also find it to download here:, and use the symptom checker on your web browser here:

It covers Buckinghamshire, so you will need to be a Buckinghamshire resident.

Published on 15 Sep, 2020 (updated 3 Nov, 2020)

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