It is Mental Health Awareness Week. This week we spoke to Elise from High Wycombe. Elise told us how the lockdown has impacted her mental health. Elise also explains how she takes care of her mental health and things she does, to cheer herself up.

I have always suffered from anxiety and once we were told about the lockdown, my immediate reaction was to feel very anxious and apprehensive. I felt very trapped and claustrophobic. The first few weeks were hard and I felt very on edge and uncertain.

The best decision I made was to take control of my feelings and try to improve how I was feeling. Even though I am currently furloughed from work, getting myself into a daily routine was very important to me. I made sure that I was getting up at 8:00 am every day and getting to sleep by 11:00 pm. I found that looking after my sleep really improved my moods.

I also took part in online home workouts every morning. I have always found that exercise has a positive impact on my mental health and made sure I was keeping on top of a workout every day. I made the most of going on a walk every day. I found the fresh air and just being outside lifted my mood instantly and really helped to keep my anxiety at bay.

I have started to plan things for the future, such as holidays and trips I want to do once lockdown is over. This has helped me keep a positive mindset and look to the future.

Keeping in touch with family and friends has made me feel a lot better. I make sure I speak to at least two of my loved ones on the phone every day. Every Friday my friends and I have a virtual quiz and this is lovely as it means everyone is keeping in touch and checking in on each other.

I have used online resources to help with my mental health such as Bucks Mind and Every Mind Matters. These are extremely helpful and I would recommend them.


Published on 20 May, 2020 (updated 18 Jun, 2020)

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