A round-the-clock NHS mental health crisis team has been launched to support people in Buckinghamshire. The move is the first step in the establishment of crisis response and home treatment for the county. It will be offering people even more support as they move between hospital and community care.

This means that there will now be immediate support to people experiencing a deterioration in their mental health and the team will be in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The team will rapidly assess people at risk of hospitalisation and make decisions with them and their loved ones about the care they need. This includes admission to a hospital or treatment in the community. The team will continue to work with people until the crisis has resolved and will make sure that ongoing care is in place.

The team has been launched by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust who provide Buckinghamshire Mental Health Services. It will be made up of psychiatrists, mental health nurses and social workers. It will expand in the future to include a range of other professionals in order to support more people in different ways.

The services that Buckinghamshire already benefits from will continue to run alongside the new crisis team.

Vivek Khosla, Clinical Director for Buckinghamshire Mental Health Services, said:

This is a new team to help people in Buckinghamshire who have become unwell and are experiencing mental health crises. The team will assess and make sure people are offered the most appropriate care to keep them safe and well.

Dr Sian Roberts, Mental Health and Learning Disability Clinical Director for NHS Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group, said:

A round the clock team for Buckinghamshire residents experiencing mental health crises is very much welcomed. The rapid response team will be able to provide timely and vital support to individuals. We will continue to develop our mental health services to ensure the best mental and physical health outcomes for people in Buckinghamshire.


Published on 13 Feb, 2020

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One comment on "24-hour mental health crisis team launched in Bucks"

  • Commenter said on 22nd May 2020

    Appreciate these are very difficult times and services offered may have changed temporarily to prioritise those most desperate.
    However unless hospitalisation is needed, have experienced this week a service which does not offer what is promised above, ie support until the crisis is over.

    To be misunderstood, asked inappropriate questions, not rung back when promised to check in the next day, not listened to, attacked my GP and told me my consultant for one health problem does not exist when clearly does has been an upsetting and then left with being referred back to the team that alerted in the first place as not well enough to access their service currently…?1!

    So utterly futile. And I am back to square one coping alone. Please do not contact this service unless you know you need hospitalisation desperately.

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