Today Healthwatch England launched the #SpeakUp2020 campaign, encouraging everybody to speak up about what would make health and social care services better for their communities.

We need the support of local people in Buckinghamshire to tell us their views, to help make care work for everyone.

Tell us your views

Whether it’s about your access to services, your experience of care or your follow up treatment, we want to hear from you.

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We share your views with the decision makers across the NHS, social care sector and Government to ensure that improvements to services are informed by people’s experiences.

Currently, the top concerns across England are:

  • Mental Health
  • Hospital Care
  • Social Care

What could be improved in Buckinghamshire?

We want to hear about your experiences: What was good about the support you received? What could have been improved? What could have been better? Your stories help us identify and investigate the issues that matter to Buckinghamshire.

It only takes five minutes to speak up, but by sharing the changes you want to see, you are helping improve care for everyone. It’s that simple.

Sir Robert Francis, Chair of Healthwatch England, said:

Listening to people’s experiences and understanding what they want to see done differently often provides practical solutions that help hospitals, GP surgeries and care services better manage their increasing demands being placed on them.

At Healthwatch this is what we do. We take the time to listen, and encourage others, especially leaders, across health and social care to do the same. This builds vital insight and understanding that helps makes services make the right changes.

Share your story and help Healthwatch to achieve the goal of collecting the experiences and views of more than 1 million people across England every year by 2023. If it matters to you, it matters to someone else.

2 comments on "SpeakUp2020: Share your views and help make the NHS better"

  • Commenter said on 29th January 2020

    I am appalled to hear that Pharmacies are no longer providing patients with filled dossette boxes for their medications. I am convinced that this can only lead to more expense in the long run with patients either not taking their meds at all, incorrectly or overdosing. Who will supervise these patients medications???
    Pharmacies used to get an allowance from the PCT for dosette boxes – many very well spent.

  • Commenter said on 31st January 2020

    People enter the health and social care system when they are at their most vulnerable. They are quite often kept in the dark about provision of information and advice. With NHS Continuing Health Care marking the boundary between healthcare and social care, all too often people slip into that void where no one gives them the advice they need. Whether applying for themselves while living with a serious health condition(s), or applying for someone close to them, without good support and information the experience can be a distressing one. Since its introduction, the application and assessment process for NHS Continuing Health Care has been incredibly complex. Many people do not know it exists until very late on in their journey through the health and social care system. Signposting to NHS Continuing Health care should come from health and social care professionals but this rarely happens. This needs to change! The system is complicated, confusing and intimidating. The CCG and local authority need to ensure that there is a clear process for health and social care professionals to proactively signpost individuals to NHS CHC, as well as promoting experienced, independent advocacy and support at every stage.

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