What is the role of a Paramedic in a doctors surgery? And what do they do? We asked Mark Ives from the Dashwood PCN about his role as a paramedic at the Wye Valley Surgery.

How long have you been working in healthcare?

I have worked in healthcare for 15 years. I worked for 12 years as a technician and paramedic in the ambulance service, and for the last three years as a paramedic in primary care.

Why did you choose this role in the practice?

It was a new role in a field of interest to me. I felt like I had achieved all that I wanted to with the ambulance service and needed a new challenge.

What is a typical day like in your role? What specific things do you help patients with?

My day is very varied. I look after the community patients and also have clinics at the surgery. In the community, I look after patients at two nursing homes and three care homes. I perform a ward round type session dealing with any issues the home or the patients are struggling with. This can take the form of a simple rash to the discussion of end of life care or hospital admission. I perform the majority of the home visits that come into the surgery. The clinics in the surgery are usually acute for day issues such as abdomen or chest pain. However, they can include chronic or minor illness and injury.

Do you have other responsibilities in the practice? If so, what are they?

Another part of my role is to manage the drugs and equipment for any emergencies. I provide training to my colleagues and would help assist in any future emergency situations. I am part of the Care Home Steering Group and work with the Clinical Commissioning Group to improve care and treatment of all patients in care homes locally.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite part of the job is having more responsibility. I like the fact that once I treat a patient, I can follow up with them and I build relationships with patients; this is something that does not happen easily in emergency care. I also do not have to work on weekends, unless I want to!

What do you wish people knew about you/your role?

That I no longer wear a green uniform or drive a yellow van! As a paramedic, my role extends beyond emergency care.

Published on 21 Jan, 2020 (updated 19 Nov, 2020)

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