I fell in the garden this year and knew immediately that I may have fractured my ankle or leg bone.  I did not want to call for an ambulance as I thought some poor person may need one more than I did.  I didn’t feel my injury was life threatening. I wasn’t bleeding, I just couldn’t stand up or bend my right leg.

My husband took me to Stoke Mandeville A and E department (45 mins away) and I was seen very quickly on the bank holiday weekend by a nurse and then a senior Dr. I had an x-ray which confirmed that I had a broken fibula.

My leg was put in a plaster cast and I was offered pain relief, given crutches and sent home. I was told that I would receive a follow up letter so I could attend a fracture clinic appointment within 14 days. I got the letter, went to clinic and my leg was put in a boot. I then had several follow up appointments.

I found this whole experience very positive. I could not believe how quickly I was seen on a bank holiday weekend at around 6pm on a Friday evening. The Dr and nurse in A and E were very good humoured and very kind.  My consultant had a great sense of humour also and I was very pleased at the way things were handled in a caring and efficient way.  I am very grateful to Stoke Mandeville Hospital and the great team of people that work there under very pressured circumstances.

Thank you so much for all your care!

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Published on 18 Sep, 2019

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3 comments on "Toni thanks A&E team at Stoke Mandeville"

  • Commenter said on 15th September 2019

    A very lucky lady indeed. When I broke my ankle and was told to come back for a followup appointment after treatment, they claimed to have no trace of me on their system and I was forced to hobble through the whole rigmarole of waiting in A and E again from scratch!!

    • Commenter said on 8th February 2020

      I had exactly the same problem at SM hospital. Broke legs and ankle in accident, had plaster and crutches. When I returned for follow up appointment, they had no trace of me and I had to go back to the beginning and start the whole rigmarole again.
      Although the clinical attention is excellent, the admin side is chaotic and inefficient.

  • Commenter said on 20th September 2019

    My experience was very similar. No complaints and unlike your correspondent I had to have two nights in hospital as my wrist required surgery

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