Congratulations to our 6 winners! It was a really though decision to choose just 6 of you.

We had such a great time at our Annual Report Launch. We looked back at what we’ve achieved over the year, and thanked the people that helped us get there.

We also gave out prizes for out Kindness in Care competition. We asked people to tell us about a small act of kindness that stood out to them and why it meant so much. We picked 6 winners, but only 2 were available to attend the prize giving.

Our winners told us about so many different services, and all for different reasons. The one thing they had in common: Kindness.

Sylvie nominated Dave from the South Centre Ambulance Service (SCAS)

I had a very horrid experience of the ambulance service some time ago. I have autism and became fearful of ambulances as a result of this experience. I wanted to feedback to SCAS and Dave Cave came out to see me. He really listened to my concerns and past experience and reassured me. He then arranged for an ambulance to come to my address so that I could look round it and understand what goes on in the ambulance. This has really helped me and I felt her understood my concerns and my autism. He’s made me feel better about the ambulance service.

Diane nominated Judith, the founder of Companion Voices

Judith founded Companion Voices, volunteers who sing in beautiful harmony to those who are at the end of life.  In April 2017 my father was at end of life.  A friend who sings with Judith asked if we would like them to sing to Dad.  We agreed a time and they asked about any songs that would be especially meaningful to him, or if there was anything to avoid.  It was a truly moving and poignant experience.  At the agreed time, I left the front door open and my Mum, brother and I sat around Dad’s bed.  Four people from Companions Voices came gently into our home, humming quietly in harmony, taking their shoes off as they entered. They stood around the end of Dad’s bed singing.   It was absolutely wonderful. A wave of gentle harmony welling up and washing over us all, deep palpable stillness, and such a sense of loving care.  Judith spoke to us kindly and respectfully. They ended with the song that Dad used to sing to my brother and me when we were small children. We were all in tears.  Then they handed us a card they had all signed. And they left as they had arrived, quietly humming in harmony.  Dad was peaceful afterwards. My Mum, brother and I were deeply touched. I think it marked a shift for us all. They brought a sense of beauty and gentleness and light, which stayed with us as we were alongside Dad in his final journey.

Lucy nominated Kim, a receptionist at Bourne End and Wooburn Green Medical Centre

Kim who works on reception from time to time at the three practices is also a phlebotomist.   On two occasions this year when I’ve needed a blood test, whilst making my appointment Kim has offered to come in before her 8am start to take my blood so I can make it to work before my start time.   She is incredibly kind and caring and I’ve seen her offer this service to many other patients. She is a real credit to the practices.   My first interaction with Kim was on New Year’s Eve 2018 when I was waiting to see the GP who was running late, and despite clearly wanting to go home and celebrate with her family. Kim made every effort to be cheery and helpful, whilst trying to arrange a further appointment with a nurse.

Rebekah nominated Dr. Wood

When I was pregnant I was diagnosed with OCD, postnatal depression and severe health anxiety. Dr Wood has called me every single week at least once to see how I am doing and see if I have any health concerns to limit my trips to A&E which was severely affecting my mental health and time with my toddler whilst pregnant. He calls my CBT therapist and perinatal nurse to ensure my care is consistent and how he can maximise the care he provides me. I was worried about an iron transfusion recently so he called the maternity unit to find out the exact process so he could talk it through with me, and he even wrote a letter to my cardiologist on his lunch break just to ensure I had something to take to my unexpected appointment. I honestly could not have survived my recent pregnancy and the postnatal period without him, and it amounts to more than numerous acts of kindness – I truly can say he has saved my life. I was in an extremely dark place and he has helped me get out and see there is an opportunity to get better. He is a credit to the surgery and the entire health service and I and my family can’t thank him enough.

Ordine nominated Laura who works in Complex Needs

Laura joined our therapeutic community in High Wycombe and from her first day made me feel comfortable with her there. I have BPD and attend the group each Monday. It’s never easy having new staff. Building trust etc..   Laura notices if I’m not good and has the right words at the right time. She goes that extra to reassure me. My mental health journey is so much improved by her calm and kind approach. Without words she can convey a message. Professional and thoughtful. I don’t know how to say thank you to her but nominate her for the work she does and the extra she does out of kindness.

This person nominated Dr. White

When my daughter was very ill in the ICU he took the time to text me 2 words ‘keep going’. This was when I had reached the point of total surrender to the possibility I wouldn’t be bringing my daughter home. Those 2 words gave me the strength to keep going for her and those 3 days were the turning point. We did bring her home, but at the lowest time he was kind enough to send a simple text.

Congratulations to all our winners!

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