There are lots of changed happening in the NHS at the moment. The Long Term Plan is being pout in place through Primary Care Networks, and increase in funding, and Universal Personalised Care.

What is it?

Universal Personalised Care where people have more choice and control over how their health and care needs are met. It recognises that people can be an expert in their own needs and care. This also supports people to be as independent as possible.

With personalised care, people are more involved in the decision making around their care. They can set out goals and outcomes, and work with a professional to decide the best course of action to achieve these. Because the person is at the centre of their care, their health and wellbeing will improve, and services will be more joined-up.

Who is it for?

For everyone! This Personalised Care model looks to put the whole population in control of their care. However, the NHS has outlined Outcomes (goals) and Interventions (steps to take) that change depending on individual needs. We will cover what each of these goals are and how the NHS plans to meet them.

For the Whole Population


  • For people to be supported to stay as well as possible
  • Build community resilience
    • Increasing resources in community services and social prescribing
  • Enable people to make informed choices about their care when health needs change


  • Shared decision making and patient choice
  • Social Prescribing and community-based support

For People with Physical and Mental Long-term Health Conditions.


  • Build knowledge, skills and confidence to better manage wellbeing


  • All of the Whole Population interventions
  • Personalised care and support planning
  • Support to self-manage
    • Health coaching
    • Self-management education
    • Access to peer support
    • Use of the patient activation measure

For People with Complex Needs


  • To empower people
  • Integrate health and social care
  • Reduce unplanned service use


  • All of the above and adaptable funding, like personal health budgets.
    • This would enable people to take direct control of the resources available for their health and care.

The hope is that by putting people at the centre of their care and treating them as experts on themselves, the NHS can add value to their lives and experiences. This would also save the taxpayer money and help integrate services.


Published on 31 May, 2019

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