A lot is changing in the NHS at the moment, but some trusts are changing more than most. This is due to a new pilot scheme that will be starting at Frimley Park and Wexham Park in May.

Last year, the Prime Minister asked the NHS to review some of its targets. Improving these targets could mean better support for staff, which would lead to better, more efficient care.

Professor Stephen Powis, the NHS Medical Director, put forward some ideas for new targets for the NHS in an interim report (link). These new targets have been proposed for treatments of cancer, mental health, urgent and emergency care, and routine (elective) care.

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust will be one of the 14 trusts across England to test out these new emergency care targets. The testing will start in May and last four to six weeks. The idea is these new targets would replace the current 4-hour wait time at A&E target.

Frimley HEalth have assured us that they’ll still be working to the current 4-hour standard but measuring the pilot targets alongside. Patients shouldn’t notice any difference in their care.

Target 1: Time to initial clinical assessment in Emergency Departments and Urgent Treatment Centres

Quickly identifying which patients need care first, and which could wait a little longer for treatment.

Target 2: Treatment within the first hour for critically ill and injured patients.

Making sure patients with the most severe conditions get the right treatment quickly. For example, people suffering from stroke, heart attack and sepsis. This will also include patients who need emergency mental health care.

Target 3: Time in A&E (all A&E departments and mental health equivalents).

To make sure fewer patients being harmed by long waits for admission or inappropriate admission. Also reducing very long waits for those who need care, by measuring the average total time in A&E for all patients.

Target 4: Increased utilisation of Same Day Emergency Care

To reduce overnight admissions and improve hospital flow.


Chief Executive of Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, Neil Dardis, said:

Taken together, it is believed that these measures have the potential to improve care and enhance patient safety, and the proposals have received widespread support from NHS staff and patient groups, including Healthwatch England, and charities.

Quality of care, patient safety and experience will continue to be our number one priority.

Let us know if you see any changes at Frimley Park in the comments below.


Published on 25 Apr, 2019

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One comment on "Changes coming to Frimley Park"

  • Commenter said on 24th August 2021

    It would be helpful if the was triage in minors. Someone with a smashed shoulder or knee cap should be prioritized over a minor finger injury. When I was at A&E these patients had difficulty sitting due to the nature of their injury and were very sick. A finger injury could have waited longer.

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