What is a PPC? And how could it save you money?

PPC stands for Prepaid Prescription Certificate. The idea is that you pay one lump sum for the certificate, and then use it for and and all prescriptions for either 3 months, or a whole year depending on which one you buy.

A year long PPC costs £104, where as a a 3 month PPC costs £29.10.

But how do you know if you could save money? As prescriptions usually cost £8.80 each, buying 12 per year would cost £105.60, or 3 in 3 months would be £26.40.

You don’t need to be on a repeat prescription, or have your prescriptions ready before you buy one. By buying a PPC, you’ve just paid for any prescriptions you might need in the future.

So, if you think you would need more than 12 prescriptions over a year, you would be able to save money with the year long PPC.

Or, if you’re going through a short period where you need many prescriptions, you could save money with the 3 month PPC.

You can buy a PPC online, or over the phone by calling 0300 330 1341. For more information, you can also talk to your pharmacist.

Published on 1 Mar, 2019

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