Most trips to hospital will be planned and you will know how you are going to get home. But how do you get home if you end up in hospital unexpectedly?

Some of us will be able to phone a friend or relative for help. Others will just be able to get a bus or taxi. But what happens if you can’t?

Bucks Healthcare Trust wants you to get home safely. Staff may well talk to you about how you are going to get home if you have been staying in hospital. But if you haven’t staying on a ward (for example if you have just been to Accident and Emergency) you may not have had the chance to talk about this.

If you have care needs, are less mobile, or there are concerns for your safety then the Patient Transport Service may be able to help. Trust staff can arrange this for you as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. The Red Cross also provide a “take home and settle” service for elderly and vulnerable patients which the Trust Staff can arrange. And even if you can’t arrange transport because your phone has run out of battery or credit or you don’t have any money with you, Bucks Healthcare Trust will still help.

So if you are worried that you can’t get home from hospital safely… just ask!

If you need transport for a hospital appointment but aren’t sure what’s available, you can check out the Community Transport Hub.

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