Reablement and the Rapid Response and Intermediate Care services help people regain their independence after injury, or time in hospital. This could mean that people don’t need to move to residential care before it is necessary.

What was the project about?

Healthwatch Bucks wanted to find out about the experiences of people using Reablement and the Rapid Response and Intermediate Care services.

We asked service users:

  • If they knew who made the decision to arrange their care
  • If they understood what the service was for
  • How they felt when their support from the service came to an end
  • If they were involved in planning their support
  • What they thought of the service

Why did we do this project?

We knew that the Reablement service and the Rapid Response and Intermediate Care services in Buckinghamshire are in the process of aligning and joining together. We wanted to find out more about the patient experience to help inform the services about what they do well and what they could do better.

What did we do?

We interviewed 10 people on their experiences of reablement and intermediate care services. We worked with Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust (BHT) and Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC), who found us the interview candidates.

What did we find?

Everyone said that the staff treated them with kindness and respect. But many users felt the staff were rushed, that they weren’t involved in the planning of their care, and that they were sad or worried when care came to an end.

Of the people interviewed, none were aware of goals being set for their care, and most did not seem to be involved with the planning of their care. Some people said:

I didn’t know what their end aim was going to be – that wasn’t explained out”

“You don’t like to ask them or tell them what they’ve got to do.

Also, many people felt sad or worried when their care came to an end.

I felt in a way a bit choked at the time cause I only had them for five days”

“I thought they might have been able to carry on for another fortnight or something like that.

However, the majority of people had a good relationship with and enjoyed the company of their support staff.

Our Recommendations

We recommend that BHT and BCC improve the user experience at the end of care, and ensure users are involved in the planning stages.

We also recommend that staff are reminded not to reveal workload pressures to users, and that they have enough time to spend with service users and perform the necessary tasks.

Back on Track – users’ experiences of Reablement, Rapid Response and Intermediate Care 

Published on 12 Mar, 2019 (updated 15 Mar, 2019)

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