We asked our staff what Time to Change means to them, and why they’re glad Healthwatch Bucks is signing the Employer Pledge.


Time to Change is important as we recognise that each individual needs to be confident that they can reach out for help without criticism, in the workplace and elsewhere. Never has the adage “a problem shared is a problem halved” rung so true. Being able to recognise this in a school and a work place is crucial. I am therefore proud that Healthwatch Bucks has signed the Employer pledge to encourage people to talk about mental health.

BelindaBelinda Burke

Knowing that we won’t be judged if we need support and we have an ear to listen to us, should we need it, is comforting.

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I have many friends and relatives who have struggled with their mental health. This has made me aware of the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health and illness. Time to Change is taking great strides to help foster understanding and raise awareness of mental health struggles to battle this stigma. I am so proud to be working at Healthwatch Bucks where mental health is already well supported and will continue to be after the pledge signing.


I suffer from anxiety and depression. Reducing the stigma around these sorts of illnesses is so important to making sure that people are able to recover from them. Employees work best when they are happy both physically and mentally. I am very grateful to Healthwatch Bucks for making this pledge and making sure people like me are happy.


Last year, 2018, wasn’t a great year for me and my mental health. I think I am quite lucky to have been so well supported by my employer. I find it hard to imagine how much harder it would have been without that support. I’m delighted that we are signing the Employer Pledge, which for me acknowledges what a great workplace we have.


As a manager – I want everyone who works at Healthwatch Bucks to be happy at work. As part of that we need to have a working culture that allows all of us to have conversations about mental health. I would strongly recommend signing up to the Time to Change Pledge to all organisations large and small. It gets us all talking about mental health and it’s a great opportunity to think about what more we could all be doing to support mental health in the workplace.

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