Jo Fairley tells us why he’s glad we’ll be signing the Time to Change Employer Pledge, and what Time to Change means to him.

I became a Director with Healthwatch Bucks to help shift health and social care provision towards what users actually need and want. We do this by ensuring we ask the right questions and listen to what people have to say. Which is why my proudest moments revolve around hearing residents of Bucks voice what they want, knowing that they’re being listened to – and watching key decision makers improve their plans in response. From a slow, steady start, this change is gathering strong momentum.

To me, Time to Change means “mainstreaming” mental health alongside physical and social health into a singular person-centred approach. It means asking the whole question, rather than just the question relating to our specific service and role. What does this person “in the whole” need and how can I help?

I’m really glad we’re signing the Time to Change Employer Pledge because I want to practice what I preach and to show that sometimes it’s small, easy steps that can make a huge difference.

I reckon attitudes change when people recognise the individual’s need, understand how to interact and know how to support. If any of these three is missing, it’s tempting to look the other way. So, the key change I’m seeking is for mental health to become more tangible for all of us, so that we can embrace it comfortably and know how to support.

Find out more about Time to Change, and make sure you attend our next Public Board meeting where we will be signing the pledge.















Published on 7 Feb, 2019 (updated 4 Apr, 2019)

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