Jodie tells us about her experience of using Wycombe Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC). She took her son to the centre when she was worried about his breathing. Check out our report on the Urgent Treatment Centre.

Why did you need to access health care services?

My son who is 7 months had a rattle to his breathing and as he is very sensitive to coughs we wanted to make sure that he was ok.

What has been good about the services you accessed?

The UTC was simple and easy to access, we just walked in and were helped. There was no sitting on the phone for long periods listening to on hold music.

Is there anything that stood out?

Due to my son’s medical history we were seen within minutes. My son was born with a Bovine arch – a misshapen aorta- and meconium aspiration- a lung complication that can happened during pregnancy.

Were there any negative aspects?

There was a lot of litter left about by previous people using the service. I had a bit of a negative experience with the parking attendant in the hat who joked about giving me a ticket, which was not funny at the time.

What do you think could be done to improve those?

More bins and cleaning staff checking on more regular intervals.

What would you say about your overall experience?

It was a very positive experience. We were in and out within half an hour.

What else has helped you on your journey?

The drop off bays in front of the unit meant I could take my baby in without him getting cold.

What would you say to someone in your position now?

The centre is simple and easy to use, I have previously used the centre after calling 111 and been given a time to come down. I would take water, food toys etc with you for times when a wait may be a possibility.


Thank you so much to Jodie for sharing her experience with us. Have you been to Wycombe Urgent Treatment Centre? What did you think? Let us know by leaving a review.

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