What did Bucks ICS have to say about the NHS Long Term Plan? You can read what we had to say here, and see what Louise Patten, Integrated Care System Lead, said below.

Last summer the Prime Minister committed to an extra £20.5 billion a year to NHS England by 2023/4.  That’s why the NHS nationally has written a Long Term Plan. It was developed in partnership with those who know the NHS best; frontline health and care staff, patients and their families.

The Plan lists a number of important ambitions for the next ten years to make sure the NHS is fit for the future. It will also ensure provision of high quality care and better health outcomes for patients and their families, through every stage of life.

As an Integrated Care System, Buckinghamshire health and care partners are already working to deliver a number of these ambitions.  Central to the delivery of all of them will be the need for people to work together. Whether that’s GP surgeries teaming up so they can provide more appointments and services, or local health and care teams coming together to plan and deliver real improvements for patients.

The NHS is one of our nation’s greatest achievements. For 70 years dedicated NHS staff have been there for us locally and across the country. As more people are living longer, many with complex health conditions, the NHS needs to plan so it can work more smartly and effectively with partners. This goes double for our social care colleagues, to deliver excellent care and attract and retain the best staff.

The NHS Long Term Plan will be:

Giving everyone the best start in life;

  • … through better maternity services, including a dedicated midwife looking after a mother throughout her pregnancy.
  •  … by joining up services from birth through to age 25. This will particularly improve care for children with long term conditions. It will also revolutionise how the NHS cares for children and young people with poor mental health with more services in schools and colleges.

Delivering world-class care for major health problems to help people live well;

  • … with faster and better diagnosis, treatment and care for the most common killers, achieving survival rates that are among the best in the world.
  • … supporting families and individuals with mental health problems. It will be made easier to access talking therapies, transforming how the NHS responds to people experiencing a mental health crisis.

And helping people age well;

  • … with fast and appropriate care in the community, including in care homes, to prevent avoidable hospital admissions for frail and older people.
  • … by significantly increasing the numbers of people who can take control of their healthcare through personal budgets.

The NHS Long Term Plan also describes the actions that will need to be taken at local, regional and national level to make this ambitious vision a reality.

  1. Joining up the NHS so patients aren’t overlooked, by improving links between GP services and those in the community.
  1. Helping individuals and families to help themselves, by taking a more active role in preventing ill-health. Such as offering dedicated support to people to stop smoking, lose weight and cut down on alcohol.
  1. Tackling health inequalities by working with specific groups who are vulnerable to poor health; targeted support to help homeless people, black and minority ethnic (BAME) groups, and those with mental illnesses or learning disabilities.
  1. Backing our workforce by increasing the number of people working in the NHS. This will be particularly in mental health, primary care and community services. We will also create a better working environment by offering better training, support and career progression. There will also be a crack down on bullying and violence at all levels.
  1. Bringing the NHS into the digital age, rolling out technology such as new digital GP services. These will improve access and help patients make appointments, manage prescriptions and view health records on-line.
  1. Spending this extra investment wisely, making sure money goes where it matters most. The NHS will continue to reduce waste, tackle variations and improve the effectiveness of treatments.

Now the national plan has been published, the local health and care system in Buckinghamshire, need to decide how best to take the ambitions it contains and turn them into real improvements in services over the next few years, building on the progress we have already made in recent years by working more closely together.

And just as the national plan was developed in partnership with patients, staff, local councils and others, so will be the local plans.

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